RTT: The TV Edition

I love, (LOVE!) Big Bang Theory. Holy crap. Best. Show. Ever. I screech with laughter! And I don’t often laugh out loud, especially at TV. Holy crap, do I love nerdy humor! A friend lent us the first season and we are burning through it because I can’t stop laughing. I figure it’s a good abdomen workout, right?

Here‘s one of my favorites, the first clip I ever saw.


My garden is doing awesome. The new plants aren’t even dead yet! My watermelon are thriving, things that had died almost totally are coming back, it’s awesome. Strawberries are growing, little baby peppers (big baby peppers)…the only thing is, no tomatoes. Lots and lots of tomato flowers, no tomatoes. Anyone know why that is? Especially since the strawberries and peppers right there are right nearby and producing plenty of fruits?


The best way to start your day? Toby cuddles.


The best way to continue your day? Parker cuddles. And purrs.


I’m making lasagna with no-pre-cook noodles. Which would be great. Except I didn’t portion out the sauce right. So I think the edges of some noodles might be crispy. Oops…Crap. Hope it works OK.


You know another great show? Firefly. Amazing. Amazing. Who the hell was stupid enough to cancel it after just one season??? God, the characters are so good. I can’t wait to watch the movie, which damn-well better wrap everything up. Perfectly.


Pamela from 2 Much Testosterone is no longer a virgin in such an important, life changing way. Go congratulate her, y’all. I’m jealous. I wish it was my first time again…


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2 responses to “RTT: The TV Edition

  1. Don’t fret about the tomatoes! I bought one of those upside down growers, and I really thought they were a flop. The plants were strong (kinda) and producing lots of flowers and no fruit, even after the time advertised on the seed package that they said they’d produce. Ha! Low and behold, I have 3 bright green and appearingly healthy fruits growing as we speak! Can’t wait until they’re ready! Hang in there with the garden. Mine surprisingly went well this year!

  2. Glad your garden is still living, you’ll have to lets us know how the watermelon turns out. Big Bang have not watched but will check out your clip!!

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