What the hell were my WTHs??

What the hell is wrong with me? I had two great what the hell thoughts I’d been saving up for Wednesday…but now I can’t remember them! Waaaaah! Hopefully they will come to me, but this post will take a short sabbatical…

Oh! One! So I’ve been working on losing weight. (You can stop laughing now). It’s not horrible, but it’s bad, and I hate having none of my clothes fit. Especially since I hate spending money on clothes, and I hate shopping for clothes for myself, so the morning process is just sucky with approximately no options. Anyway, I was doing fairly well in my book. Lost about a pound or so over a month. Not gaining, which is important. I fluctuate a lot, but the average was definitely going down. Then all of a sudden, I get on the scale two days ago, and I’m up 4 pounds. What the hell???? Ever since then I stopped and thought, and I’m noticing I’m ravenous. Wonder if I’m missing something in my diet. I don’t know, but I’m super pissed! ’cause the damn weight is still there!!!!!

Well, this wasn’t an original, but I have to decide what the hell I’m going to do about group classes. Right now I rent a space. It’s my space. Only I use it. I train there. It is awesome. I love it. Well, OK, it’s a pretty shitty space, but it’s all mine. And that means I can teach puppy classes, for puppies who aren’t fully vaccinated, since I control everyone who comes in and only vaccinated dogs are allowed. Which, I am learning, nets me more clients. Because my puppy clients tend to come back for more classes after the puppy ones, or use other services. So it’s a good thing. However, crazy dragon lady (my landlord) upped my rent. Which means I’m back to making almost no profit from group classes. The only place I have found (that is reasonable) that I could share a space with (i.e. sublease it from them per hour instead of rent per month for a few hours a week of use) is a groomer. Who is happy to do it. But she has dogs come in there w/o checking vaccination records. So, no more puppy classes. And I like puppy classes. So. Do I cut a class I love that is netting me clients, but still increase my profit overall by dropping my rent? I’m not even sure if her space is usable. I haven’t seen it since she’s moved in. I’m just stressed, because in this crazy place I live there’s nowhere better I can rent, since rents are insane, and while I love teaching classes…not for free. And I’m not sure if I can justify keeping my own space if I could save money finding someone to share with. But I LIKE having my own space. Even if it does suck. BIG SIGH. This is a constant background stress, and I just don’t know what the hell to do about it. Pay money for convenience or not?

OK, brain, what the hell? I left this post overnight in the hopes I’d remember what else I wanted to say. Instead, I couldn’t sleep all night because I was having stress dreams about what the hell I should do for a training space! Stupid money being necessary for the little things in life..like food and housing. And stupid me for stressing about it and ruining my night!

What the hell was the other thing I wanted to say? I was saving it for days! Oh well, I’m sure I’ll remember tomorrow, once WTHW is over!


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2 responses to “What the hell were my WTHs??

  1. I do the same thing every single week!!! I always think of some great WTH, and then come Tuesday night I can’t think of them!! I even tell Elle them in hopes that she’ll remember, but she doesn’t! Sorry about your rent, that royally sucks! I know what you mean about the weight, I too am trying to no avail to lose weight. Let’s just say you built muscle, that’s what those 4lbs are! Muscles weigh more than fat and with all your exercising that’s got to be what did it! At least that’s what I tell myself!

    Thanks for joining us this week! Maybe you’ll remember the other thing for next week. :)

  2. I’m always forgetting my WTHs. I know just what you mean about losing weight. I have gained about 10 lbs since January due to some meds they put me on. I’m no longer on those meds, but can I lose the weight? Nope. It’s really ticking me off!

    Sounds like a hard decision on the whole renting space issue. Having your own space is great and it does have potential to be a future money maker with the people from the puppy classes. Good luck making up your mind.

    Thanks for joining us for WTHW!

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