Stressing major about my business.

Because I want it to be a business, and not just a hobby. But with the amount of money coming in vs. going out for rent, it’s looking awfully much like a hobby right now.

And I don’t have time for hobbies.

As I’ve mentioned, my landlord raised my rent. Meaning I am making far less $$$ now.

(Not that profits were stellar to begin with)

Do I throw-down with my landlord and ask for a lower rent or threaten to leave? She has a listing on Craigslist for a spot in our complex at my old rent rate. Bring it up? Pick a fight? I hate fights…and it’s not worth it if I’m going to leave. But should I stay? Invest in paint, clean it up, and try to bring in enough money to make it work?

Or do I leave?

Try to find a new place to rent? It doesn’t have to be nice. Just a roof and four walls. Preferably, but not necessarily, insulated. Somewhere zoned for running a business. And most importantly, cheap. It’s funny how many places don’t want you bringing a bunch of untrained dogs or puppies into their building to run around/bark. So it is very hard to find something like this. I’m looking, but not holding out much hope.

Try to find somewhere to share space with? A vet, or groomer, or doggy daycare? This is my ideal solution for finances. It sounds easier than it is. The market is so saturated. Anywhere I’ve found with space is either 1) unwilling or 2) already has someone. I thought I had something set up with a groomer…but her landlord is being picky. So it looks like that is falling through. Crap. What next? Where else can I possibly look? Somewhere after-hours, that will let me have access? Somewhere during open hours, that will tolerate my presence? Where would that be? The only place I can think is a store…but no stores have space.

Or should I take a totally different approach? Rather than trying to find a place I can afford with the money I’m bringing in, should I try to find a way I can bring in more money? But doing what? There’s no special retail I can think of to sell, and that’s a lot of hours for me to sit there open. I can’t groom. I am teaching classes. There’s already a doggy daycare (plus that’s a ton of hours). So what should/can I do to use the space more than 6 hours a week or otherwise bring in more money from it? I’d even do something not dog-related…but WHAT? Would someone be interested in sub-leasing it for daytime hours if they only had a tiny space they would have to themself to leave crap in (i.e. I have a side office I don’t use, but it’s only about 70 sqft. They could use the full space..but it’d have to be clean when I needed it).

I keep going around and around and around with solutions. Pick fight with landlord? Move to new space? Move in with other business? Bring in more money? And always, how???

I just don’t know what to do. I’m keeping an eye on listings on Craigslist..which is mostly depressing. Since there’s nothing for me. But what more can I do?

I want this to be a legitimate source of income.

Not just something limping by.

It’s getting better.

But can I justify it?

(And yes, I realize this is a nice problem to have. I realize there are far worse problems out there. Kids starving. Moms with RADlets. Dying family. But you know what? In our society, where we are, your job can be a big problem. And this is my current source of major stress. It’s a nice stress to have in some ways. But it’s still a major stress. And just because it could be worse, doesn’t mean it’s all OK.)


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4 responses to “Stressing

  1. Long shot.. but do you own your home? Are you zoned such that you could build a space to do this sort of thing?

    • I do own my home, but since I live in the Seattle area there is no space for teaching. Tiny little very expensive plots. I’m also almost certain it isn’t zoned for that, but I’d have to double check before saying do for sure.

  2. What about teaming up with another trainer in the area and sharing the space? They probably already have clientele that they could bring with them and it could be a win-win for all involved? Maybe put up your own listing on Craigslist looking for a trainer to partner with?

    • Hmmm, interesting idea. Potential pitfalls being if we’re competing for business and that we’d both want the space evenings…but certainly possible. Will consider…thanks!

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