Happiness and Society

I’m happy at this stage in my life.

With my pathetic little struggling business and my pathetic little retail job,

I’m happy.

But society says I shouldn’t be.

I should want to climb higher.

Acheive more.

Earn accomplishments.

Do something “important.”

But I tried that.

It’s not that I’m lazy.

I have two degrees. I earned them in four years. While also completing my school’s Honors Program. And graduating with a GPA of 3.87.

I worked as a structural engineer. Designing buildings. Piers. Pontoon construction facilities. There is, currently standing, a retaining wall for which I am responsible for all of the calculations.

I lived that life.

I strove for what society said I should.

I was damn good at it.

And I was miserable.

So I left. And entered my current life.

With my pathetic little struggling business and my pathetic little retail job.

Society tells me I should view this stage of my life as temporary.

As shameful.

And that I should strive for the life that made me miserable.

Why is it so hard to ignore society?


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5 responses to “Happiness and Society

  1. Erica

    Because it’s not just society. It’s not some random third party that you are trying to join. Society (with a capital “S”) is what we have grown up with and surrounded ourselves with everyday. These thoughts are ingrained from childhood (you need to achieve, always be better, make more money, love/relationships work this way, etc) and so that is all we know.

    But it’s stupid. Because, you should be able to happy about choosing a life that makes you happy. I’m sorry that it’s a hard mentality to keep. But know that I am happy for you and that I think you’ve made the right choice for you and your life and your future. I will support you and whatever it takes for you to be happy because that is what matters to me.

    So :-P to Society.


  2. Screw society girl. You are doing what is right for you. You were miserable at that stinking job. MISERABLE. I read your blog now and you are SO much happier. There is no price tag on happiness.

  3. Thank you. You both are AWESOME. Enough said.

  4. I, for one, am jealous of what you’ve been able to do. Living a life that YOU want and not striving to be whatever “society” thinks you should be. You, my dear, are an inspiration to “Them.”

  5. liz

    Just try to stay focused on happiness! You can prove them all wrong in the end!

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