Random babies, gardens, and cracked.com

Keely’s asking for our A-game for Random Tuesday Thoughts. I’m bringing it, are you?

Yesterday I watched my hubby’s softball games. They did well, won both games, woo-hoo! Hubby was even the winning run in the second one. w00t. The highlight of the evening, however, was holding the cutest little 3 month old baby on the face of the planet. Sorry, no pictures, I was too busy adoring him. First time I’ve ever really enjoyed holding a baby and been happy to continue doing it. Symptom of the baby fever I had for about 9 months and is now going into remission, I guess. Usually I just stare at them and want to know why they’re not doing anything.


Come on, babies are boring, right? This is why I want to clicker train our baby. Let ’em learn early they have to learn things in life, like the boob. The hubby is against this idea. Which is why it’s good he’ll be at work most of the day. *evil grin* (Yes, I am kidding…mostly. I mean, come on, behavioral training applies to anyone! I’ll just have a better idea what I’m doing than most. …Stop throwing things at me!)


Garden is doing well! There’s even little wheat-like things at the top of some of the corn stalks now, which are chest high. I’m hoping that means corn will follow soon!


Some tomatoes have finally showed up on my plants. How, you may ask? I got busy like a bee! Gave the plants a little somethin’-somethin’. Took an electric toothbrush out and vibrated those flowers into ecstasy!


I’m going through the process to become an online tutor. I hope it goes well. Because, you know, I need a third job. :-P But no, really, this pays better than my current retail job and is far more flexible. I set my hours, can work as much or as little as I want. You can sign up for hours a week ahead of time, or just “float” and take students when scheduled tutors are full. Seems nice to me, can adjust as I change class times, a little extra money, and if I ever get fed up and leave my retail job (which for now, I love, but if the managers change…) it would be nice to have this to fall back on. Just crank up the hours there! Next (and final) step is the mock tutoring session, so wish me luck!


I love Cracked.com. They just come up with the best crazy shit. I mean, who doesn’t like hearing about the horrifying stories Disney movies were adapted from? Or how about The 10 Most Important Things They Didn’t Teach You In School (I love the chapter titles!)? Lost fans out there? Read about 6 Real Islands Way More Terrifying Than The One On ‘Lost’. Or, my absolute favorite, 6 Brainwashing Techniques They’re Using On You Right Now. Mindless chanting, Us vs. Them, gratuitious use of shame, it’s all there with explanations of how it works in our brains. And you know I love reading about brains.


I am very tired. The sleeping is not going so well for me. So sorry if the quality of the random is not up to par. Maybe it wasn’t quite my A game…y’all bring your A+ games and send me your extra credit, mmk?!


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2 responses to “Random babies, gardens, and cracked.com

  1. Erica

    Ok. In order now.

    Congrats to the hubby. And awwwwwwww to the baby. I will have to keep a camera at work so that you can see the super cute children who wander through B&N. It’s like cute baby month or something. :)

    Lol baby fever.

    ::hits you on the nose with rolled up newspaper:: Bad Eileen. Bad. No clicker training your baby. Any other type of training= fine. Clicker training= bad. It’s just too obvious of a training technique and will confuse and frighten other parents.

    It would be friggin hilarious though.

    YAY growing things! I’m glad one of us can grow stuff because I certainly cannot. Don’t even let me near your plants when I visit. They might die out of reflex.

    Good luck with your online tutoring. You are a great teacher so I’m sure this will be wonderful and rewarding for you. (Plus, a back up plan is always good).

    Ahhhh, Cracked.com. One of my favorite places to go. The have some of the best articles out there. Ever.

    Oh hey. Another interesting blog I found (not funny sadly but I do love some psychology). http://youarenotsosmart.com/

    Uhhh… that is all.

    • Hey, I’m just glad baby fever goes into remission! I do not logically want a kid right now. Though maybe I could make you visit more if I had one…that might be worth it by itself…

      Hey now! Enough with the newspaper! I can employ a perfectly harmless scientific principal to make my life better! (Thank you, Big Bang Theory)

      Plus, think how cute a baby doing nose touches would be! Aaaaw! I mean, the hubby says it’d be creepy, but I’m going with cute. ;-) Ooooh, and roll over! I don’t need an ACTUAL clicker, he just gets 30 seconds of boob every time he does something right! See? Subtle!

      Yes, yes, I’m kidding. I would never do that.

      Unless I got bored enough.

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