Today has been a day of, “….WHAT?!?!?!?”s.

First, I am going to my new puppy class (yay puppies!) with Toby. There are only two puppies in the class, and so I’m bringing him to be a third dog. He’s a year and a half old, but good at playing with puppies and still has energy. I like at least 3 dogs in a class, so if the energy of two dogs doesn’t quite mesh, there’s a buffer they can go through. Plus, puppy class is for socialization. You can’t socialize with just one other puppy.


It is 10 minutes til class. I’m in my car (because I’m running late). My phone rings. OK, better answer it in case they’re waiting for me or lost.

It’s one of the students in my class.


No shit. Cancelling 10 minutes before class starts.

Which means there’s now ONE puppy in the class. The class whose purpose is (mainly) to socialize with other puppies.

Luckily, the remaining student was happy to have 6 weeks of private lessons, even sans wide socialization. I’m trying to get some former students to come back and attend for free. We shall see.

Second WTF moment: I just finished my mock session for an online tutoring service. I’d love to work for them. I’ve tutored unofficially for years. I’m good at it. I’ve been told I’m good at it by many, many students who have had a hard time understanding things, and then get it when I work with them. I’m very analytical, so I can dive down into where exactly they are getting stuck, and explain it in a way they understand. Plus I love it.

I figured online tutoring with flexible hours would be great for some extra income and as a fallback if I get sick of retail (plus I’m almost certain it pays more).

The entire session was one big WTF. It starts out and they present me with a concept I cannot remember how to do. I haven’t looked at it in, no joke, at least 4 years. I am approved for 5 subjects, and I felt confident in them all…but 1 topic in 1 subject just blindsided me. As I frantically scrambled to figure out how to solve the problem I stalled. Plus talking and pointing and writing concurrently is VERY different from typing then drawing on a digital whiteboard. So the session that should have been 10 minutes? Was 45. OOPS!

Oh, and then to top it all off, I was so frazzled that at the end I wrote down (x-3) instead of (3-x).

Causing the student to get a negative answer…for a VOLUME.

Which they asked me to check.

And I said was right.

‘cuase, you know, I like buying -1 gallon of milk at the store.


(To my credit, as soon as they said, “…should a volume be negative?” I knew EXACTLY what had happened and quickly explained it. But still. )

Well, it was a nice dream while it lasted. I only wish they didn’t have you read through all the details of how everything will work when you are a tutor before the mock session…makes it feel like you’re already in. Which makes this (probable) slap in the face oh-so-much more painful.

Alright. Time to go. The hubby’s taking me out for a celebratory consolation dinner.

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One response to “Blindsided

  1. Erica

    :-P Well that sucks. I’m sorry that you got so blindsided with all this stuff.

    And 10 minutes. WTF?

    :sigh: Here’s to hoping that things go better later.

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