A fun new game

This is how my hubby and I have been deciding all our disagreements.

I have been losing a lot. But happily!

(Side note: We can now run through Sheldon’s entire speech – including hand motions! We are such nerds)


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5 responses to “A fun new game

  1. Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard, Spock! Hee Hee!!

  2. liz

    I can see how something like that can be addicting! Good for you guys! But do you find the % mentioned to hold up?

  3. LMFAO! That is hilarious! HAHA

    What show is that?

    • The show is called The Big Bang Theory, and it is AMAZING. I love it. It is all nerd humor, and it makes me literally laugh out loud multiple times per 20 minute episode!

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