Random I’m Baaa-aaaaack!

*phew* So not blogging in weeks means there’s weeks worth of stuff to write about! Let’s see how much I can remember…

I’m moving Companions! I’m moving in with a natural vet who’s in the same complex. Her waiting room is almost the same dimensions as my training space, and she’s only there one-to-two days a week. So I get the other evenings. Woo-hoo! Rent goes down a little and her space is way more finished than mine. Actual fresh paint, nice flooring, and no random ghetto holes in the wall. And I don’t have to move and lose repeat clients! I’m so very excited about this!


Toby keeps cuddling me while I type. His head is currently on the keyboard, resting against my hand as I type. He alternates between that and flipping his head back to stare at me upside-down. Adora-puppy!


Did you notice I changed my separaters from * to ~ ? Oh yeah, stepping out on the wild side!


So remember Parker, my boyfriend on the side? He’s gorgeous, beautiful black and grey hair, totally striking. He’s so young and full of life, he just walks with a confident joy and loves to cuddle with me. When he sees me he comes right over and begs for attention. Which is not common for him, though it is for some of the other cats in the store. (Oh, did I not mention he was a cat?) Well, I’ve been half-wanting to adopt him for awhile, but the crazy rescue who works their insists he goes home with another cat, since at one point in his life he had a brother he was close to.

Well evidently, if I can prove that he and Toby get along and will play, they’ll approve his adoption! Yay! So I took in Toby today and they met for the second time. Parker came all the way off his cat tree and they got within a few inches of each other. At once point Parker let Toby come sniff, they stayed within a foot or two the whole time, it was good. I think this is possible. (If he came home with me, they would totally play. They play in the same way. They’re both cool with/curious about each other right off the bat. They like the play the same way. They’d become friends.

Now I have to decide if I really want this cat. I love him, we’ve got a bond. But it’s another animal to be responsible for. It is a responsibility. Must think it through.

Also, must get the hubby jazzed. Hi hubby! *waves*


My friend and I made a deal. She’s read Twilight if I’d read The Dresden Files (first four books at least). I’ve been reading for awhile now. It really slowed down my reading progress, because I did not enjoy the books. I mean, I enjoyed parts of them. The open would kind of grab me. Then it would get b.o.r.i.n.g. Then near the end it’d grab my interest again. The big shit would go down. …and then it would be booooring again.

As the series has progressed it got better. Characters deepen and are introduced. Plots thicken. There’s a dog now.

And recently I read two books in the series and wasn’t bored at all. My reading progress has picked back up again! Woo-hoo! Guess it just took 7 bad books to get there :-P


Toby and my friend’s dog had a GREAT time playing together this weekend! Her dog is an Australian Shepherd, so much, much bigger than Toby. Last time I visited Josie (her dog) bowled down Toby the instant we walked in the door. We spent the weekend keeping them apart so it didn’t devolve into fighting, as happened whenever they had 2 unsupervised minutes together. This time we managed the greeting and they had fun. Toby crawled all over her begging for play and she just took it.

I think dealing with a 13 month old riding her has mellowed her out. And visiting the dog beach weekly has mellowed out the Toby. Winning combination :-)

Yes, they are that cute.


Have you seen this? Best way to quit EVER. I’m not sure if it’s true. I am sure that it’s awesome!


I am now an online math tutor. It is pretty awesome. I had my first sessions yesterday, and of my 5 sessions, 2 people rated me. They both gave me 5/5. Yay! Within 60 days I have to upgrade off of probation, which means I have to meet a bunch of criteria, including having a high rating from students. So that made me quite happy. We’ll see what the people today said :-) So far I can tutor algebra, algebra II, and calculus. I <3 algebra. Calculus is scary, but I’ve done OK so far. It is so much fun…and once I’m off probation, pays 133% of what I make at the petstore. And since I can’t see myself there more than a year at the outside, it is very nice to have :-D


OK, I think that’s all the big stuff (plus lots of little stuff)! And if it’s not, well, then I’ve got topics for future posts. Because it’s 10 and I’m ready for dinner, so this post is done.

The end.


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2 responses to “Random I’m Baaa-aaaaack!

  1. Welcome back!! I so hope you keep the kittie!!

    And the ~~ instead of the ** …..so way bold! I like it!! =)

    And there just are no books to compare to Twilight!

    • Hehe, well I’d have to bring him home, first…he’s still at the store! But now that I know there’s hope, I’m totally badmouthing him to anyone who is possibly interested!

      Agreed, Twilight is the shiznit :-D

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