Get your hands off my kitty!

Someone is trying to steal MY KITTY. Remember how I learned I could bring him home IF I could show him and my dog playing? And I got hope? And brought my dog in every day this week so they could meet, and they got along great but weren’t playing yet, so I figured just a matter of time?

Yesterday someone else came in and inquired. Who meets their checklist, but I don’t like.

And today they dropped off an application.

The whole store wants me to have this cat. Because I am a good home and he LOVES me. He will follow me into his room. Everyone else literally has to trick and catch him. He has spent many nights out loose, because no one could grab him. He follows me by choice. To be with me. It’s crazy, he’s never reacted like this to someone. So the people working called me. And hid the application. And told me to come fill one out.

So mine was in “first.” And now we just have to see.

Do they pick the home everyone agrees would be great, but has one modified checklist item? Or the home everyone is unsettled by who meets the list?

Send happy thoughts.



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2 responses to “Get your hands off my kitty!

  1. watchingthewaters

    Those places (not just that place, but places in general that do pet “rescue”) make it so effin difficult to “adopt” a pet.. and then they wonder why people just go out and buy one.. and then they continue to get up on their high horses about people buying animals. JEEZ LOUISE. If they would just let you TAKE THE CAT HOME in the first place, because I’m 99.9% sure you will give it a good home..

    Seriously. It is (almost) easier to adopt a child. How scary is that.

    • THANK YOU! I have written that exact thing before, but never heard anyone else say it! I agree, I am so fed up with “rescues” who are so high-and-mighty…and are then shocked when people pick up free kittens from a box on the corner. Well of course they do! They’re not analyzed and judged and picked apart when they do! I think rescues like that send people to puppy mills/backyard breeders, and that annoys me because I hate those groups.

      Funny you mention it. Right now I have a student with two adopted sons…and two purchased dogs. Because she could not get approved to adopt a dog from anywhere. Ridiculous? I think so.

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