WTH: Stupid Animal “Rescue”

Guess what I have today? A phone interview for the adoption of my potential cat!!! Of COURSE that’s real excitement, why do you ask? </sarcasm> To review, when employees at my store (the foster home, owned by the head of the rescue) want to adopt one of the cats, they do not (normally) have to submit an application, do a phone interview, or undergo a home visit. They know their employees, and they know they’d make good homes. They are anal to only hire people who fit that bill. I, however, submitted an application when I knew someone else was going to, so I didn’t just lose my kitty w/o a fight. Everyone at the store was telling me how ridiculous it was that I was having to fill out an application. Whatever, 3 page application no big deal. But what the hell, guys. Are you REALLY going to put me through the WHOLE PROCESS? I work with you. If you have questions for me, just ask. I’m honestly kind of curious what the hell they’re going to ask me, since one of the main people for the rescue and I have talked at length about cats, and she knows my view on everything. Just getting sick of the games here…give him to me or don’t…but all your doubting of me is making me doubt myself! PS You know you have to actually let cats go into homes to count as a rescue, right? Just checking…

On a related note, last night when I was nervous about the phone interview (I hate phones and being blatantly judged, put the two together…) I had an extensive text conversation with my bestie. Who calmed me down. And I want to know, what the hell, Erica? Why are you still living so far away? When the hell are you going to move up here by meeeeee?!? Lots of love, miss you tons! :-) <3

Alright, lungs, what the hell is wrong with you?? I have had a cough now for 2.5 weeks! And I am SICK OF IT. Plus my clients are getting worried when I suddenly can’t talk anymore and break down coughing. Someone in the store yesterday donated cough drops to me because I was coughing while I helped her. How sad is that? So if you could just get over it that’s be awesome. kthnxbye.

A couple weeks ago my computer caught a really insidious virus, a Trojan.  My hubby had to take my computer down to scratch an resurrect it to get rid of the stupid thing. Which is mostly awesome. Except my trackpad on my laptop seems off. There’s a scroll section at the right side of my track pad, which is wonderful! Except that with the reset, the scroll section has extended out of its marked section…sometimes. So I’ll be moving the mouse around and all of the sudden the page starts flying by. What the hell??? It’s driving me crazy!

Alright self, I don’t know what the hell is wrong with you, but call and schedule a therapy dog test. This is something you want to do. Toby would love it. You have wanted to do it since you were 12. Now you can. So do it. Schedule the test, prepare for it, and kick its butt! Let’s do it! Who cares if you fail? You just wait a month and retest..and you’ve been procrastinating for months, already!!


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  1. That is ridiculous that they’re making you jump through hoops to get a cat. I remember trying to get a dog through a rescue, they turned us down because our daughter was too young.

    Hope you get to feeling better soon!

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