2.) This one time I was sleeping and…

I saw this prompt and knew just what to write. In fact, if my husband had seen this prompt, he might have written his first blog post, because he loves to tell this story!

On our honeymoon my husband and I were spending one of our first nights together. (We were asleep, get your minds out of the gutter!) We’re in our beautiful beachside room, the sounds of the ocean outside our window, after a day spent in the ocean, and I half-wake up flailing and screaming about the octopus in the bed.

That’s right. I had a dream there was an octopus in the bed.

And when waking up, the shadows on the comforter convinced me it was true.

I hit my new husband pretty hard in the head, while frantically backing away. (There was no bruise, he’s just a big baby.)

He assumed I was thinking he was the octopus and was trying to get away. But no, I was nowhere near that unreasonable.

I thought the octopus was in the bed between us.

I was getting out of the way so it would eat him instead of me.

Ah, true love!

Now it’s your turn! Go to Mama Kat’s, choose your prompt, and link up!


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4 responses to “Octopus!!!!!

  1. I HATE when there are octopuses in my bed ;)

  2. I bet your husband wondered if he knew what he had gotten himself into!

  3. LOL! That cracked me up! ;-)

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