Dear so & so: Doctors and Parker

It’s been awhile, but I’m participating in one of my favorite memes again! Working on Fridays at a place with no internet makes it hard :-) Let’s dive right in!


Thank you for being awesome. I’m sorry your morning was so stressful. Don’t worry about me, I didn’t mind laying on your table wearing nothing but a flimsy little gown using the stirrups as foot rests while you were called back to the woman who was having a baby. This is why I bring a book. Nor did I mind you getting paged back to her again during our appointment. It’s all good. Despite the craziness and stress, you managed to make me feel more listened-to and provide me with more answers and hope than any other doctor I’ve seen in a long time. No retiring, OK?

Much love,

your patient


Dear garden,

Thank you for providing me with a freaking huge zucchini! Now if you could tell your plants to provide more female flowers I’ll happily help you get busy. But you gotta give me something to work with. All those poor male flowers are dying from disappointment, unfulfilled. I’d like some cantaloupe and watermelon, and I’d like more zucchini, please! Thanks!

your slave


Dear cat rescue,

Please, please, please just make a decision on whether I can bring my kitty home. Or at least call and schedule my home visit. I turned in an application last Saturday. Tuesday you called for a phone interview, the first I’d heard about the progress (despite working with one of the main people). Wednesday I called back until I got you to have the phone interview. At the end you said that it sounded good, and that while you had another application mine looked good, was in first, and you knew me. Giving me hope. Again. You told me you wanted to schedule a home visit, and someone else would call me to set that up. And then…nothing. Today I mentioned to the girl I work with that I’m available to schedule the home visit. And she just said OK. So what is up??? If you’re going to deny me, fine. But please tell me. This living in limbo just waiting for you to contact me is killing me. I want to bring home my man, or start to get over him. The increase of hope is going to hurt.

Please tell me where we stand.

your desperate employee/potential adopter


Dear Parker,

I love you, little man. I’m doing what I can to bring you home. Thanks for the awesome cuddles today. It was nice to just go and sit with you, without having to work to get you to play with Toby. You came and purred and cuddled, and then settled in at my feet. Purring. You’re awesome.

Hoping you have a home, soon, little man.

your mommy-to-be (hopefully)


Dear therapist,

Thanks for being amazing. Seriously. I love good health care providers. They’re so rare. I’m not freaking out about the RIDICULOUS adoption process anymore. It will happen, or it won’t. But either way, they’re insane. Let’s not go on vacation alternating weeks anymore, mmk? I’m already hooked on our weekly talks.

your adoring patient


That is all. Happy Friday, everyone!

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