Delivery for Mrs. Mom?

I’m blogging from my phone! How exciting and high class! (Side note- my phone thinks “flogging” is a more appropriate word choice than “blogging.” This amuses me.)

Why am I reporting on location? Well, because I’m here for my annual date appointment with the lady-bits doctor! Woo hoo!

It has been a long road to get here. I ignored their reminder card back in April and didn’t schedule anything. In June, when my drugs ran out, I realized I really DID need an appointment. So I called and scheduled…and the soonest they had was August. Ok…I’ll just put that on my calenOH LOOK SHINY! Needless to say, it never got written down.

Yesterday I call, because I thought I had an appointment in August, do they have record. Why yes! I have an appointment in about 16 hours! Oh…um…sweet. Glad I called, since they had the wrong number on file.

Next came a call to my manager, to give her no notice I’d be in late. Good thing she’s laid back. Hey, it took months to get an appointment, I’m not rescheduling!

Then I realized my gift from Aunt Flo might interfere. I called to check…they said maybe, but come in anyway and they’d try. (They didn’t want to reschedule either!)

So I wake up. And go downtown. And fill out the paperwork.

And find out my doc is at a delivery. As in a birth. Those are quick, right?

I don’t think the fates want me to have this appointment!

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  1. MY delivery was quick… my doctor was in and out in 30 minutes :-P

    Maybe the one you’re waiting on will be as well!

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