Great weekend!

I had such a great weekend, and only more to come!

Thursday was my hubby’s halfie-birthday. His birthday is actually in February, but I was too sick/stressed/bat-shit-crazy to celebrate it then. That was a real wake-up call to me, because I’m a huge birthday person. Or I used to be. Now I’m doing way better, but still exhausted, so his birthday wasn’t too awesome. But he seemed to enjoy it. I took him out to a dinner of his choice on Friday, and we talked and had fun having a special evening out. It was wonderful!

You know, aside from the crazy waitress who completely messed up my hubby’s steak by putting a queso topping all over it and telling the chef to way undercook it. But that’s OK. We talked to the general manager of the place (NEVER done that before, but geeze! That wasn’t even all she did!) and then we got a free dessert. And I felt better. So all was well :-)

Then we went out on a surpise date my hubby had planned for weeks! He told me to block the date, and then wouldn’t tell me what we were doing. Which I’m good with :-D So I’d been wondering and wondering…and then we pulled into a movie theatre. Um…OK…what on earth…?

Guess what’s back in theatres? That I only saw once the first time around but really wanted to see again since I loved it and thought the graphics were incredible and most appreciable on the big screen? But I was too out of it to make it back during the months it was out the first time?

That’s right! Avatar!

And I had no idea it was back out. Until my hubby took me :-D

Oh my gosh, what a great movie. We watched the previews with the 3-D and I was getting worried…they were so clunky and obvious and in your face and really distracting with the 3-D. What if I just didn’t like 3-D most of the time?

Then Avatar started. And oh my heavens. Amazing. AMAZING. It is just so very, very subtle about it!

I know some people hate Avatar. The plot is like Pocahontas or a bunch of other movies. I don’t care. I love high fantasy. Have we heard the message before? Absolutely. Does that mean it’s any less valid? No. We, as a country, hate hearing about how other cultures have their own value, even when different than ours. It’s not a message we’re comfortable with. So we ridicule it as trite. But how does being trite make it less true?

Anyway. Great, great time. Very well acted. Gorgeous world. I could spend 3 hours just moving around the forest in 3-D.

And I learned that 3-D on a regular screen is waaaay better than 3-D in Imax :-)

Then came Saturday. I woke up and went and taught my classes. Then I came home. Exhausted. Knowing I’d be meeting up with the hubby to pull up the pain in the @$$ floors at my old training space in preparation for moving to my new one. Blah.

And the hubby put me to bed. And watched some Big Bang Theory with me. And then made me nap.

And then left and did all the work himself.

Damn, he’s amazing :-D

Then he came home, and we went to a Seattle Sounders game! Soccer! I love soccer! It is by far my favorite sport. Probably because you actually have to be athletic to play. Not just tall. Getting unhealthily overweight doesn’t help your game. And it’s more than just strength in your upper body. You have to be fit. And I love it! So fun to watch!

At my request we got tickets in the section that provides endless free food.

That’s right. Endless free food with every ticket!

In a normal sporting event, this’d be amazing! Because every 10 minutes I’m bored, and wandering away to get food is totally healthy something to do. We walked in and got food. And then went to our seats.

And then I didn’t want to leave until halftime. Because I was so sucked in. My hubby was delighted that I was actually having fun at a sporting event!

Here’s another thing that was great about where we were:

The lady's room. At halftime. Yes, all those doors are open. Amazing!

Yes, I totally took a picture of the bathroom. There was no one around to stare at me funny!

It was a great time!

And don’t worry. I loaded up on food at half. Gotta get my money’s worth! ;-)

Next weekend is our anniversary. Undisclosed getaway has been planned by hubby.

Can’t. Wait.


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3 responses to “Great weekend!

  1. Hubby

    It’s probably not quite that easy to use the restroom at the Seahawks game, or on the main level…we were upstairs but the only had the first five rows of the upper deck open. So the upper deck restrooms were very…available.

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