Random’s all I’ve got

I know I’ve been a horribly slacking blogger recently. I’m sorry. Hopefully I can get it together and actually write a full post sometime! Maybe. Sometime. Possibly.

But for now, I’ll get my random on!

The hubby and I just had an amazing weekend away! He took me to this place for our anniversary. It was gorgeous. And had a giant bathtub. I love bathtubs. But our house only has one which only holds 7″ of water max and is gross in places that cannot be reached for cleaning. I took 3 baths in 3 days. Heaven :-D The best part? He planned it all! I didn’t have to think about a thing! And he knows me so well, the place was perfect.


On the way home today the hubby and I made a pact. I’ve been trying to eat healthier. It’s hard, because it’s such a vague concept. But I know, from past experience, when I stop eating crap, I stop wanting crap. So for the rest of the month of September, the hubby and I have given up fast food. No more. No excuses. Get it out of our systems. Hopefully, come October, it won’t sound so appealing. And then, hopefully, the convenience factor won’t be so tempting.


Parker and Toby are getting along great! Parker spent the weekend with run of the house, while Toby spent the weekend with my favorite student. Just this evening they got back together, and they’re doing so good! Settling in, curious about each other but no chasing, it’s just good. Parker’s stitting on his tree, grooming himself, while Toby lays on the ground chewing something gross that I bought for him. Not sure which gross thing. Maybe a tendon. Maybe a penis. Who knows? Earlier, while Toby was chewing, Parker was circling, watching him from all kinds of angles. It was adorable :-)


Nothing makes you feel so good about coming home like the joy of your pets. Toby was beside himself with joy when I went to pick him up! Then he settled in on my lap, gave a contented sigh, and started dozing. I love my puppy.

Parker came right downstairs and started purring up a storm and begging for attention. He did his nose-bump with me, where he presses his nose into mine, purring all the while. If you walked away, he’d follow you, mewing for attention. Such a sweetie!


We found a great book store this weekend! Unfortunately, it’s by our hotel, but hey, when we’re there we can visit! It was a store that combines used and new books, so their selection is pretty good but they also have good deals. I bought books 3-6 of another series written by Jim Butcher, the author of The Dresden Files, which I’m currently reading, and the last book of that series. Then I wanted to find the first two books. So I went to Half Price Books when we got home. And they were having a Labor day sale. 20% off everything! So…I bought 8 more books. Grand total for the last 24-ish hours? 13 books. But they’re all used! So I was saving money! *cough*


My hubby and I had a great time at the bookstore looking at kids books! Did you ever read Purple, Green and Yellow? One of my favorites! And we discovered Doggies, a counting book by Sandra Boynton. My kids will definitely have this book, since I want to read it aloud! You know, more than to my husband in the store. Pretty sure the people there thought we either had a kid or were pregnant, from how long we spent in the kid’s section. (No, we don’t and aren’t)


Toby is whining at the bottom of Parker’s tree. He really wants Parker to come play. Parker is disdaining him. Grooming himself. Toby is barely worth a look. Oh, cats :-)


Tomorrow I go see a new doc. Wednesday, I see another. I was referred to both by the best doc I’ve ever had. Ever. She’s amazing. If anyone ever needs an OBGYN in the Seattle area, I’ll hook you up :-) Anyway, I’m excited and nervous! I love my doc, so hopefully she is sending me to good people. Considering I wasn’t even expecting her to do anything rather than put me in the stirrups and send me out the door, I figure I can’t have my expectations disappointed by going!

Speaking of which, must go fill out admission paperwork. Later, all!

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