My first post

Several bloggers I follow are members of SITS, which I have just discovered through them. SITS is hosting a Back to Blogging challenge….and when you participate, not only is it fun…but you could win a washer/dryer! Since I HATE our washer/dryer, I am all over this :-)

The first challenge is to link to my first post and give my thoughts on it.

Going back and reading my first post is interesting. It still sounds very me…but less polished. Not that I’m polished now :P But, you know, just rambling and not always clear. I’d like to think that I’m more clear, now!

I’m sure it didn’t help that I was exhausted all.the.time at that point. I mean, more than I am now (did I mention I slept 12 hours last night? Ugh!)

I also find it interesting that I didn’t open with a “who I am” post. I just kind of jumped into it, writing about my day and where I was. It makes sense, since I like books that open that way :-) And since I was, and am, writing this blog primarily for me, I didn’t want to waste time introducing myself. I wanted to start getting things out!

I am so glad I started this blog, especially when I did. It is so good for me to look back, at those few months before I left my job, and see how miserable I was. How just down I was all.the.time. Not because I’m glad I was miserable, but because it really lets me see the change in how I feel, now. Sometimes I doubt myself for leaving work when I did. And then I go back, and my blog gives me a snapshot of my mental state at that point. And even though things aren’t perfect, I realize how very, very much better they are now. It’s like having a puppy (or baby) that you see every day. And then you visit someone who hasn’t seen them in 6 months, and they exclaim over how your puppy/baby has grown! And you stop, and look, and realize they have! Being able to look back on my mental state 8 months ago gives me that perspective when I need it.


This post is for the SITS Back to Blogging Challenge/Give Away, which is sponspored by Standards of Excellence, Westar Kitchen and Bath, and Florida Builder Appliances.


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