RTT: There really is no theme

I am very sleepy, and thus very random. Yay!

I want this house. Nice subdivision bordered by other subdivisions. Gorgeous tan walls with white trim. Beautiful kitchen with a pretty island. Master bathroom with it’s own stand-alone tub. *drool*

No, we’re not moving. Why do you ask?


Toby and Parker have been tentatively playing. It’s adorable. Toby keeps rolling his ball to Parker, at which point Parker freaks out and bolts. Then, while Toby is distracted chewing on something, Parker comes up and bats at him. If Toby turns around, he bolts. His bolting is kind of a pattern.


I just read the best analogy for what living with chronic fatigue is like. Go, read it. Seriously. I love it.

(One thing I’d add: every time your dysthymia gets stronger, your spoons all disappear. w00t.)


Glee and House are back. It is going to be a good week :-D Once I pull them off my Tivo


MY HUBBY IS BACK TOMORROW!!! He spent the weekend on a fun trip for himself, visiting a new city, old friends, and another ball park (he tries to see one every year). I am so happy for him when he goes…but I can’t wait to see him! I’ve missed him a lot.


I had a(nother) grumpy start to my day. Then, I taught a fun class and two new people signed up for my next round of classes. Score! I never want to go to class anymore, but I always love it when I’m there! And now that I’m not trying to make Companions into a full-time thing, it’s far less stressful :-D


Toby threw up twice last night, and Parker kept coming in to investigate since the hubby was gone. I’m hoping for a calmer night full of better sleep, since tomorrow is a full day!


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2 responses to “RTT: There really is no theme

  1. That is a cool house! I could live there… ;)

    My DVR is going to be working overtime this week!

    Yay for your hubby being back tomorrow! It’s nice to have some alone time, but it’s even nicer when they get back! ;)

    RTT: Summer’s End, Winemaking and Barf

  2. The Spoon Theory is Awesome. Gonna pass that along. Thanks.

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