WTH: Pills, pills pills

I’m feeling like House nowadays.

Why, you may ask?

Well, you see, I am now taking 18 pills a day. And two drops. And two creams. And another 2-4 pills if I’m having trouble falling asleep.

This would be more OK if I didn’t HATE, with every fiber of my body, swallowing pills. HATE. I have a really strong gag reflex to big pills (that I better get over). If you remember, that is much of why I stopped taking an anti-depressant. I hated swallowing a big ol’ pill every day.

Now I’m taking 18+. Ick.

It’s a short term regiment that, in theory, could help my chronic fatigue. I have 5x the normal levels of mono stuff in my body that someone whose had mono should have, and that could be responsible for at least some of the chronic fatiuge. And if it is, this could help that.

You know. Maybe.

Oh, plus my Vitamin D is low (though not dangerously, like before).

Yeah. What the hell is wrong with my body? And please, let whatever the hell it is be fixed by this insane regiment!


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2 responses to “WTH: Pills, pills pills

  1. Erica

    Why 18? That is an obnoxiously large number. Is that just for the mono stuff?

    I <3 you.


    • 17 are for the mono stuff, 1 is birth control, the drops are vitamin D, creams are for another problem. Also, crap, I still haven’t ordered them :P

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