Bye-Bye Bikini Baristas!

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In my region a new phenomenon sprouted up a couple years ago. This phenomenon? Bikini Baristas.

All over the region, little coffee shacks have been popping up, staffed by teenagers wearing nothing but bikinis. Even in the dead of winter. (And by shack I mean shack. A new stand opened down the street in a shed, just like they sell at Lowes.)

This wouldn’t be so odd if I lived in, say, California, where you commonly see people wearing bikinis. But I live in the Puget Sound region. Where we get DANGEROUS HEAT WARNINGS when the temperatures hit the upper 80s. And the beaches are rocky with freezing-cold water year-round. And I, who hate being hot, wear pants 24/7/365. Bikinis are not commonly seen around here at all.

So seeing them somewhere as out-of-place as a coffee stand is really shocking.

It doesn’t help that “bikini” is often loosely interpreted.

(Be glad I spared you the shots of girls in pasties. Because yes, they’re out there.)

And then there were the prostitution charges leveled on bikini baristas in Everett. Those didn’t help the whole image.

There’s been one a few blocks away on the main road leading to our house…I think since we moved in. As long as I can remember, at least.

A couple months ago it was put under new management. The name was changed to “Head Rush.” I rolled my eyes at the obvious double-entendre in the name (you know, “Blood will be rushing to more than one head!”)

Then they repainted the whole shack facility. Neon lime green.

And put up signs that they were now “family-friendly!”

(Maybe it’s just me, but if you’re switching a bikini-barista to a family friendly coffee shack drive-through, you want to avoid ANY POSSIBLE DOUBLE ENTENDRE in your name. Guess it’s just me.)

And driving home today, I saw a new sign out. Free hot cocoa for kids! They’re really working to let families/people know that they are kid friendly now. I think their methods are brilliant. If I had a kid, I’d be through there in a heartbeat. Good way to get people in. Let them see the new place. Buy Win their hearts.

If I drank coffee, I’d probably be thrilled. But, even without that, it will be nice to not see nearly-naked women on my way home every day!


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