Dear Depression,

You are a mothafucka. Please stop fucking with my life. Please stop ruining things I’ve been looking forward to for weeks by joining the party. I don’t know how to un-invite you once you’ve arrived.

Go away and never come back.


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One response to “Dear Depression,

  1. A to the men.

    I have trauma triggers this time of year, but this is also the time of year that my S.A.D. kicks in, and I forget about it every.freaking.year. So this past week I have been apathetic, angry, and weeping, (all within moments of each other, then lather, rinse, repeat x 1000 every day) until finally I realized what was going on. Then I dug in the filing cabinet and dug out my blu-light and have used it so much that I want to strap it to my head, in the hopes that it will work faster. Depression SUCKS giant donkey balls. Praying for you. And me. xoxo

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