Why are boys stupid?

My hubby is out at a bachelor party for a friend tonight. This friend is more…well…they’re college friends. And my hubby and I have always been fairly uptight (which is shocking to people who know my political stances now, but we still have the social lives of our super-conservative,  straight-laced past). These friends are…not. At least, not when cutting loose to “have a good time.” Big drinkers. The groom-to-be said no strippers (which would have been a real possiblity otherwise), so the guy planning had them all bring porn. My hubby thought they wouldn’t watch, it was just to embarrass the groom-to-be.

But then he just texted me, because they’re all trying to bully the groom-to-be into going to a strip club.

Really, guys? A strip club?

My hubby doesn’t want to go, but he also doesn’t want to make a big deal about not going, or make things awkward.

I’m just not quite sure what to make of this. I never contemplated how I’d feel about my hubby going to a strip club, because my hubby is not the type who would GO to a strip club!

He asked me what I think/how I’d feel, as he tries to decide if he should just ride along or stand up. And I just don’t know what to say.

Why do boys have to be such idiots when “having a good time?”

Any of you have opinions?


I just re-read this, and realized it came off wrong. When I said “I don’t know what to say,” it’s pretty much because I totally trust my hubby. I feel like the idea of him going to a strip club should bother me..but it doesn’t seem like it does.  (Unless maybe it will later, because I feel like I should, hence the un-sure-ness.) Because I trust him. But I don’t doubt my hubby in the slightest, he’s a sweet, wonderful, loyal man, and I don’t for a second think that going to a strip club would cause him to feel or say anything bad about/to me.

I’m just annoyed at his friends for putting him in this stupid and pointless situation. I don’t get strip clubs. Guess that’s ’cause I’m intelligent female.


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5 responses to “Why are boys stupid?

  1. fnkybee

    Girl I feel ya! My husband hates the strip clubs but at times for different events he will go and I don’t worry about a thing because I know he is doing nothing but making an ass out of himself and in someway shape or form is working constantly to get them kicked out. One time he took it upon himself to get on stage with the girls…immediate kickout and the evening came to an end and he got to come home. He was happy and i couldn’t quit laughing because of the mental pictures he painted for me. Boys are dumb, always will be, if you trust him and it’s not a constant thing don’t sweat it. He’s there for his buddy nothing else.

    • I love it!!

      I do trust him, which is why when he asked me my response was, “Well, I don’t think I’d mind…” My gut reaction is I don’t care, it just feels like I SHOULD care. So it’s a weird situation, not being upset but feeling like I should be upset…but not because it’s my hubby! And he’s awesome!

      I’m just annoyed at the stupid friends for putting him in the situation to begin with!

      • fnkybee

        Think about that for a second though…How cool is it that you don’t care and you know that you don’t have anything to worry about..that you have that trust for him. How many wives can say that? I think that is special. I have never once in 12 years worried about my husband ever doing anything..I know he would never, it’s not in him to do it. Even back in the day before marriage and in the dating stage there were a couple of nights that he didn’t come home (drank to much and passed out where ever he was at) and not for one second did him doing something ‘bad’ ever enter my mind. That’s pretty cool.
        I agree that buddies can be annoying and get them in situation that aren’t the best but that is when the trust kicks in and you have to know that yours is being true to you. Boys will be boys but not all of them to that degree.

  2. got2havefaith

    My hubby doesn’t go to strip clubs either. He has been in the situation where he was invited/expected to go. He stood up and said he wasn’t comfortable going. He went to the pre-party and came home. I think that is pretty cool. He got my respect there. I won’t worry about him if he did decide to go. That really isn’t the point. The point is how your hubby felt about going.

    I don’t know why guys think that a strip club is the only way to have a “good time”. I don’t get it. But that is why I am a girl, I guess. I would say hubby should stand up for what he believes and don’t do anything that makes him uncomfortable. What is this high school? I guess peer pressure never really goes away with age.

    The saying “boys will be boys” is just a sad excuse. The key words there is “boy”, not “man”. I’ll take the man over the boy any day.

    • *applause!* Good for you and your hubby! And exactly, it’s not about if I trust him, it’s that I’m annoyed with his friends for putting HIM in a situation he’s uncomfortable with.

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