Fast food fast

I have been trying to eat healthier. One thing I really wanted to do when I quit my job was cook more regularly. But now I work many evenings, and so does my hubby, so that hasn’t happened as much as I’d hoped.

That doesn’t mean there’s nothing we can do, though.

At the end of August, I proposed something rather radical to my husband:

What if we gave up fast food for the entire month of September?

Stopped. Period. No more. My theory was, if I stopped eating it, I’d stop craving it, and the convenience wouldn’t be as tempting. But I’d have a hard time doing it on my own, so I made my hubby suffer, too proposed he do it with me.

Now, I didn’t have a perfect definition of fast food. Obviously Micky-Ds and BK were out, as was Panda Express, Taco Bell/Time, and other such places. We kept in Subway, though, because even though their “meats” and such are questionable, they’re *relatively* healthy. We kept in restaurants, despite many of their meals having enough calories to meet my daily requirements.

And we did it. I did not have fast food once. In fact, I have not had fast food since. Because we’re keeping it up.

And my theory? It worked. I have been tempted by the McD’s I drive by coming home from class (or running to class) in the evenings when I’m hungry, or, just from long habit, the idea of it sounds good when I’m at work. But then I actually think about what I’d get. And my stomach turns a little. Ew. Not appealing.

Granted, it took the full month for this to happen, as even 3 weeks in I was c.r.a.v.i.n.g a Bic Mac.

But this is huge for us! We were eating fast food at least once a week. Usually several times. Not. Healthy.

And now that it doesn’t sound good, I’m not thinking of it as much.

Just last night I was coming home from a new class, hungry. And rather than contemplating stopping at any fast food, and giving up the idea regretfully, I caught myself contemplating what kind of quick but relatively healthy meal I could make for myself at home.

Because, now that fast food doesn’t sound as good, neither do the over-processed “easy” meals I used to grab at home when I was hungry and tired. No more Lean Pockets, no more Chef Boyardee. They just sound gross.

Instead I’ve started keeping healthier fast options on hand. Not many, but hey, it’s not like I had many Lean Pockets around, either. I have a package full of hard boiled eggs, which led to an egg salad sandwich last night. Yes, (fake) mayo isn’t the healthiest, but it’s all about relatives, people. I used fresh ingredients to whip myself up a quick, filling meal. That is a huge step for me, especialy when coming home tired!

I am loving this change, and while I’m still working to change and cement habits, I celebrate every time I catch myself being good!

Of course, the weight still isn’t coming off….but that’s OK. It’ll come. Healthy matters more than skinny!

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