RTT: The one where I can’t make any decisions

It’s time to get our random on!

I have, approximately, the most adorable puppy on the face of the planet:

What should he (we) be for Halloween? (We go to a couple parties where the dogs and people dress up…don’t judge me)


I am going to take two at growing citrus at home! The first time I planted the tree outside…the Puget Sound isn’t exactly a citrus growing climate.

I am thinking I’ll buy two trees, so I don’t have year-round work for just a couple of months of payoff. I debated getting a Meyer lemon tree, for year-round fruit, but I’m thinking that might be too many lemons…not sure I’d use them all. I’m torn. I could also get two mandarin trees which bloom at different times, but then I have to decide between Satsuma or Tango for the second tree.


So, higher payoff but possibly less useful lemons, or lower payoff but more delicious off-the-tree mandarins? Given that this is just for the second tree, I’ll get one mandarin no matter what.

Decisions, decisions. Advice?


I LOVE this comic. I mean, I love most of xkcd’s comics, but this one seemed fitting to share here:

Click the image to see it full size

The tool tip (what you see when you hover your mouse over the comic) says: And what about all the people who won’t be able to join the community because they’re terrible at making helpful and constructive co–…oh.

Hehehe. Go surf xkcd’s archives. You’ll fall in love, too!


Ooooh! I could use lemons to make lemonade! Now more confusion, lemons are more useful in cooking than tangerines…HMMMMM!


My bestest bud Erica just got a new kitten. I am so excited for her. Kittens are adorable. And I love her description of new-kitty-moving-in-ness :-D


I joined a community orchestra. I am super excited for our upcoming Christmas concert. After all the classical stuff, there’s even a Christmas sing-along! How fun! I downloaded my first set of music for the group, since I’m missing a couple rehearsals for this concert. Looked at the music.

Couldn’t remember how to read it.


Cello music is in bass cleff. Most solo instrument music is in treble cleff. For a long time, now, I’ve only been playing cello as a solo instrument, which means almost exclusively treble cleff.

Luckily, after a few minutes of panic, it came back to me :-D

Now, to practice! Wonder how the aminals will react :) Anyone want to come practice with me?


I am so screwed for Halloween costumes. Mine and Toby’s are supposed to be done by tomorrow evening. Um….I still don’t know what to do.


And then go random it up with The Unmom!


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