Cheap date(s)

You may remember a few weeks ago when I was a moron and missed a soccer game I’d been planning on attending with my hubby.

I was very upset by missing this game. Very upset. Disproportionately upset. To a level I don’t really feel like going into.

And I realized (with the help of a trained professional) that the reason I was so upset was that my hubby and I never really go out and spend quality time together. We spend evenings at home, watching TV, cuddling, sometimes even playing games. But…we never go out together. And somehow, that is a different kind of “being together” that I’ve been really missing.

Problem is, hubby and I don’t really share any common interests. Which makes it hard to find things to go and do.

OK, clarification: Problem is I hate leaving the freaking house, so there’s very little I’d want to go and do anyway :P


We made a list of things we could go out and do:

  • Learn to ski
  • Go to movies
  • Visit our local Science Museum, (esp. the current Harry Potter exhibit)
  • See plays
  • Get involved together in coaching/helping with a kids science olympiad/quiz bowl team
  • Go to the zoo!
  • Go bowling
  • Take dance lessons

Some of those are more likely than others, but at least they’re ideas! My problem being, oh so many cost (a lot of) money. And I’m very sensitive to money, what with leaving my job and all. But still, I just want ideas!

I need help. What kind of (possibly though not necessarily cheap) dates do/did you and your hubby enjoy going on?

Help a girl out, here!

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  1. Our two favorites are go out for coffee and go to the bookstore. Going to the bookstore is not really a together activity, given that we wander around and look at what we are each interested in, but we do come back together periodically, right? And then we can sit and look at the stuff.

    Maybe we are not a good example. ;-)

    We just like to get away from our kids.

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