Avoiding the Golden Arches

My hubby and I gave up fast food for the entire month of September. Never once did I eat a greasy burger, chicken nugget, “orange chicken,” or slimy taco.

At first it killed. I used to eat fast food several days a week. I c.r.a.v.e.d it. It was so. hard. not to stop and get some.

And then, right at the end of the month, I got used to it. I haven’t had any since.

And I haven’t wanted it. The food doesn’t sound good. It’s greasy and cheap and full of chemicals, and now that I eat more healthy food the junk is not appealing. (Well, the extreme junk, anyway :P )


McDonalds is BRILLIANT. BRILLIANT in their advertising.

First there was the two-for-four deal. The Bic Mac was one of my favorites at Mickey-Ds, and it was on sale. Even now, the idea of a Big Mac is appealing. Until I think about the Big Mac itself, and am grossed out. The idea is delicious, the reality is not. And I know that. But still, every time the stupid “two for four” deals came on the radio, I had to remind myself I really didn’t want one. Especially since the stupid songs would get caught in my  head. And last year I sang them to/with my hubby all the time. So it was a very positive association.

Then, Monopoly is back at McDonalds.

Monopoly at McDonalds is STUPID. It is. The odds of winning are nothing. I can’t keep track of all of the stupid little tags. Even if I did get a winning combo, I probably couldn’t find all the pieces.

And yet.

I remember “playing” as a kid. It was so fun. And it is making me want to go in and get some damn McDonalds.

The food is gross.

But the marketing is so, so very good.

It’s like they know their food sucks, so they come up with other ways to get you in. Monopoly. Mini beanie babies. Whatever it takes. And they repeat them, just often enough to form a strong, positive memory, so next time it comes up you remember how fun it was last time. And you want to go back in. But not so often you get sick of it.

I have freed myself from desire for the food. But the desire for the marketing is still there.

I hate them for it.

This is why marketing jobs exist :P


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3 responses to “Avoiding the Golden Arches

  1. (i heart comments too)

    Damn McDs and their brilliant hooks.
    Namely the arches themselves. Any child can spot them as you drive past. They hollar out and ask to go – even when it’s been months since you caved and took them during a moment of french fries dipped in milkshake cause you’ve had a bad day weakness.

    Kudos on giving that crap up !

  2. I’m pretty sure that I’m in love with all things carb, fast food, and sweet. I can’t help it, it’s just the way I am. I’m more of a Southwest Chicken Salad type of girl when I go to McDonald’s because I can’t stand onions and almost everything McDonald’s has comes with onions on it….and half the time even when you order it plain, onion juice is on something so I gag and spit it out.

  3. liz

    We’ve cut out McD’s as well. And once you step away from a while, you almost can’t bear to stomach is again. It is like you body gets un-used to it quickly, and then doesn’t welcome its return.

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