Christmas Cards

Since being married, I have been one of those people who not only send out Christmas cards, but send out Christmas letters with photos of what we did all year. It started partially because we moved away from…everyone..and I wanted a way to keep them updated and keep in touch. And send out wedding photos, which I liked :-) But even before that, I have always loved Christmas, and cards are something Christmas-y you can do before Christmas to get in the spirit!

This year, through Stephanie at The Mrs. I learned that Shutterfly is offering bloggers 50 free photo cards! (I’ll include more info on this at the end) Sweet! I’ve never done photo cards, because we do a typed letter with lots of photos and I’m cheap…but then I saw some of the cards that Shutterfly offers!

The front is pretty simple...


But then inside there's room for lots of photos and short stories!


(Ahem, I am not necessarily tech-savy per-se, so sorry for the teeny-tiny photo)

Or there’s this card, which has a similar inside setup:

More pictures outside, space for four inside.

I might be skipping the letter this year, and going with their photo cards and blurbs, if I can cut down on my blabber keep it short.

Go check out their products yourself!

Holiday cards to

Christmas cards to

Greeting cards to

And as I mentioned earlier, they’re offering bloggers (of any size, as evidenced by ME getting them with my 3 readers) free cards! Bloggers get 50 free holiday cards from Shutterfly… learn more:




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3 responses to “Christmas Cards

  1. You card people amuse me so. I love that ya’ll are out there.

    I am much to much of a procratinator to even attempt the tradition. Also I am a non-traditionalist by nature so it’s just never gonna happen.

    It’s good that you do this and thanks for the tip – if ever I should go this route, you’ve pointed the way.

  2. If I could get organized I might actually attempt this. It’s on my 101 List so I probably ought to at least attempt something, eh? ;)

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