Oh, Thanksgiving

I know this is slightly repetitive after my last post…but…I have a confession to make:

I hate Thanksgiving.

Hate it.

With a firey passion.

I know a lot of people who, all month, have said something they’re thankful for every day. How fake and forced is that?? Especially when a lot of posts are clearly last-minute and lame.

That is not to say I’m not for focusing on being thankful. For example, I love how over at Bad Mommy Moments the blogger celebrates moments of intentional happiness regularly. Sometimes you have to look for those moments and focus on them, to really be thankful and happy about them. But she doesn’t just whip it out in November. It’s really a way of being for her. Year-round. Love that. But a month of everyone and their brother artificially focusing on it? Is just annoying, to me.

Really, I have always hated Thanksgiving.

It is composed of food, fake focus on gratitude, and family.

The food sucks. It sucks. I mean, does anyone like turkey? Honestly? I find it dry and gross. And odd that, if it’s so great, we don’t eat it other times of year. I don’t mind turkey when it’s ground, heck, it’s a main ingredient in my enchiladas. Largely because it’s so bland, it absorbs flavor well..thus I don’t serve it alone. But an entire turkey? Just..crazy. And then you throw in gravy, stuffing, cranberry everything, just ick! Nothing in the spread is to my taste! And yet, you’re expected to gorge yourself, so just eating a little is considered rude. For someone who is obsessed with what others think and also has a really strong sense of smell (and thus, taste, and thus, is picky), that’s a nightmare. Blech.

And family? My family was never happy get-together-y. Us being together was always stressful. I don’t care if it was extended family or immediate family. And even after my parents were separated, and then divorced, we still all got together for Thanksgiving. Every year. At one table. Yeah…not stressful at all. I just don’t get it. I don’t like my family (for the most part). So focusing on them isn’t any more fun than fake focusing on gratitude.

Basically, there is nothing positive associated with Thanksgiving for me. It is just a time of major stress: stressing about faking thankfulness appropriately while stressing about keeping everyone happy in my crazy family dynamics (yes, I decided that that was my job, who cares if I was just a child?), and doing it all while choking down enough food I didn’t like that no one got mad about me. There is nothing appealing about this holiday to me.

My favorite Thanksgiving? The one my hubby and I spent in Canada. Where it’s not Thanksgiving. It was just a long weekend away to focus on the two of us. Brilliant :-)

Now, the day after Thanksgiving? That’s my kind of party. Though it sucks that anymore it’s not a real sale, for a long time my mom and I would get up at the crack of dawn and go out Christmas shopping to get, say, a video game at 1/2 off at Fred Meyer. Just the two of us, out shopping together, getting ready for Christmas (a day I really enjoy). That is fun! Special bonding time with my mom, focusing on a holiday where I can really express one of my love-languages of giving gifts.

How about you? Do you like Thanksgiving? And is Black Friday a day of happy memories, or disgust and fear?




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2 responses to “Oh, Thanksgiving

  1. JPop

    I hate it as well. The day after Halloween: it’s all down hill from there. My husband’s family calls every day with some other issue or drama. Calling us every day for 3 weeks with any random thought has truly ruined the holiday for me in general. And, I don’t like or eat traditional T-Day stuff. I wasn’t raised to eat stuffing, gravy, casseroles, yams, pecan pie, pumpkin pie, cranberry sauce. Yuck. I rather have a chili dog and onion rings and call it a day. Sooo, when I go to the In-Laws they get personally insulted I don’t eat their food. I have a scoop of corn and go to Burger King on the way home!

  2. Terrance Pinnix

    Damn..i was searching for something on the internet that shared my understanding of hating thanksgiving..and i found it..Absolutley!!

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