Naming help needed!

Some of you more dedicated readers may remember my favorite student, who I have mentioned quite a few times. She has an awesome rescue dog who came to her with reactivity problems and has now become a therapy dog with about a bajillion awesome tricks under her belt! Especially considering this is the first dog this woman has ever owned, I am pretty darn impressed with the dedication and skill and massive outpouring of love this woman has put and puts into her dog, not to mention she’s just freaking fun to be around!

I don’t believe I’ve mentioned that she makes jewelry. And I am trying to help her set up an Etsy shop so she can sell said jewelry.

I’m trying to get her to set it up before Christmas, so I can maybe buy a present or two. And do a give-away so YOU guys can maybe GET a present or two! :-)

But there’s one big hold up.

We can’t come up with a name.

I stink at naming. Really. Awful. I am no help.

So I thought maybe all y’all could help us out! Who knows, maybe you’ll win a fabulous prize from it. (Like my gratitude.) And then you can have me hosting a give-away for some beautiful jewelry!

So. She makes jewelry. Really, pretty jewelry. Her initials are ART, which SHOULD be easy to incorporate into a name…if all names with “ART” in them weren’t already taking. See, ARTDesigns, easy! Taken!

The name needs to be easy to say and remember, so only 2-3 words.

Any ideas? Anything?? Please?

The sooner we have a name, the sooner I’ll give away free stuff!


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2 responses to “Naming help needed!

  1. I know you don’t really know me, and I have heard nothing but (mostly) wonderful things from a mutual friend.
    I also know that this is about a week late, but I was curious if you’d figured out a name yet. If you haven’t, then perhaps ‘heART of gold jewewly’. At least, if that isn’t taken as well.
    Awesome blog and fun read,
    *sneaks off*

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