What the Hell Thursday

It’s time for What the Hell Thursday!

…wait…that doesn’t sound right…

Hmmm, let me check the button

*inspects button*

What..yes…the…uh huh…Hell…so far, so good…Wednesday.

Oh. Wednesdsay.

WHAT THE HELL happened to Wednesday? Dang, time flies!


Guess what? I have some super exciting news!

I? Am actually ENJOYING Christmas! I typically love Christmas. Love it. But last year I was so stressed that it was just one more chore. Or really, a bajillion more chores. Since I have a lot of people to buy presents for.

But this year? I’m loving it! I’ve bought a bunch of presents for my hubby..and I think he’ll like them! Last year I couldn’t come up with anything..I just wanted a list..and that made me sad inside. It’s awesome enjoying the process this year.

(I promise this is getting to a WTH)

A few nights ago the hubby and I met and picked out a Christmas tree. After much deliberation on my part, and much patient holding-of-trees by the hubby, we picked one. The perfect one. We pulled off the little tag. We went and paid for it. And a super-pissy manager came to cut the bottom off the tree for us and refuse to help us load it in our car. She was pissy, so she asked my hubby to get the tree instead of carrying it herself. He reached in and winced. After bringing it to the front he said something in the tree had pricked him. But it hurt like a bi-otch. And as the bitchy manager sawed, his hand swelled and swelled. We started to suspect something had bit him.

I was a little nervous about bringing whatever it was into the house…but at that point, the bitchy manager was DONE with us. So we took the tree. Drove it home.

Tried to get it in the tree stand, which is evidently barely big enough.

I laid on the ground under the tree, messing with the screws. Toby started barking at me. I joked the he was barking at whatever had bitten the hubby as it crawled toward my face. I got up to switch places with the hubby…

and noticed Toby and Parker staring at one spot on the ground right by where I’d been laying, jumping forward and jumping back, nomming at a dark spot.

I looked closer.

It was a freaking hornet!

There was a hornet in our tree! WHAT THE HELL??? How did that happen??

WHAT THE HELL was it doing not dead or hibernating for winter??

Also, OUCHY for the poor hubby.

And thank you to the aminals for pointing out the evil hornet.

And the house smells like Christmas and joy :-D

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One response to “What the Hell Thursday

  1. Okay I am totally freaked out by the hornet! My hubby is so allergic, that would have been a quite eventful day for us. ;-)

    I am glad you found your Christmas spirit this year. I have too and it is so nice to be looking forward to the holidays rather than adding another chore to my list.

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