WTHW: Cats > Employees

As I believe I have mentioned about a bajillion times, the store I work with is also a foster for a local cat rescue. Or at least, that’s what we tell people. In reality, the owners of the store are the owners of the cat rescue, and the funds and everything are very fuzzy.

Being an employee at this store has its ups and downs. Ups are that we are very well educated, we can really help people find what they need, and we have learned a lot. In general, we have a fair amount of freedom in setting up the store how we like and such. And the current set of people are cool.

Downs are the owners and they way they have everything set up. It is nuts. We are expected to be extremely knowledgeable and passionate…for (just above) minimum wage. They have no respect for us and are insulting and micro-managing. There are three stores, and while the owners almost never visit ours, there are a number of things our (awesome) manager can’t do without their permission and presence…like hire new employees. This is why it took them over 6 months to hire someone when we really needed another person.

But the biggest downside? We do. Not. Matter.

It’s evident in the owners’ attitude. It’s evident in our salary. There is a heirarchy of importance:

Most important: Cats. Who live in the store and we care for.

Next most important: Store. Merchandise, profit, etc.




Drop down about 20 spots, and now you’re to: the employees.

We so don’t matter. When Labor and Industry came by on a routine random inspection one owner went INSANE and started berating the manager for even talking to the inspector because, “They might take away the cats!!!” Um..L&I doesn’t give a damn about the cats. Like most sane people, they are looking at the safety and health of the HUMANS working there above the freakin’ cats! And if you’re so worried it’s hazardous enough the cats might be taken away, then WHAT THE HELL about your employees???

But the most recent illustration of how we are worth nothing and the cats are everything? Heaters.

The store has no heat. None. It has been very cold out. So the store cat rescue (same people) has bought a bunch of space heaters. To put by the register and keep us warm, right? Nope. For the cats. Each cat room has at least one, and is nice and toasty. We, meanwhile, are wearing hats and scarves and coats since we’re FREEZING. You’d think if they could buy a half-dozen heaters for the cats, they could buy one for the registers.

But no. We just don’t matter enough to warrant heat.

WHAT THE HELL, owners. Come on. At least fake some caring better.

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One response to “WTHW: Cats > Employees

  1. That’s awful! I don’t love my job, but they do value their employees and I work with/for an awesome bunch of people. The cats have fur, they don’t need the heaters.

    I know I’ve said it before, but my puppy really looks like your dog on your header. Although, he needs a trim. I can’t wait until he’s housebroken!

    Thanks for joining us for WTHW again. Sorry it took me so long to stop by. Have a good weekend and stay warm!

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