Time for Random Tuesday Thoughts

My bestest friend Erica is in town. She is awesome. I am trying to convince her to leave California to move to the Puget Sound, so she can shine her awesomeness into my life. The weather is not helping. I promise, Erica, it doesn’t *normally* rain in Seattle! ::innocent eyes::


Erica is also cool because she bought a bunch of jewelry from my friend Annette. Right now she is wearing a super cute pair of earrings that are silver and dangly and have pink and pink and clear and pink dangly glass beads. They are really pretty and look hawt. I keep going to complement her, and then remembering she bought them from my friend :-P


Have I mentioned I’m having a giveaway for another cute pair of earrings from Annette’s Etsy shop? So far there’s only two entries, so your odds are really good! Check it out! (Please? :-)


My sweet hubby gave me an early exmas present, the game Munchkin. I got it early because it’s fun to play with Erica in town, since she’s smart and you need at least 3 players. It is frikkin amazingly fun. Super, super fun. Really. Highly recommended. Much love and thanks to my sweet hubby. Now I just need to win…


I am very sleepy. Very, very sleepy. It may be coming through a wee bit. *cough*


We are going to a Harry Potter exhibit at the Science Museum on Thursday. Should be lots ‘o’ fun! Three engineers in a science museum, look out small children who the museum is actually aimed at!


OK, I think that’s it for now. Maybe I can convince Erica to go take a nap. Or at least let me sneak off to go take a nap :-P It’s a madhouse of crazy fun around here! Laugh a minute!

Don’t forget to enter my giveaway! It only takes a minute and you could win! Woo-hoo!

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One response to “Time for Random Tuesday Thoughts

  1. Yayy, I’m glad you’re having a bunch of fun with Erica. Don’t try to hard convincing her to stay, I’d miss her. Of course I’ve always wanted to see Puget Sound, because I’ve heard it’s beautiful…so if you do convince her, it’ll just be a great reason to come visit.
    Science museum = Awesome. I hope you guys have a blast.
    Scratch that….I know you will have a blast. :D

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