WTHW:Giveaway Edition

It’s time for: What the Hell Wednesday!

I really only have one WTH this week, since my bestest bud Erica is in town and all is happy. But still…WHAT THE HELL is wrong with all the people visiting my blog and not entering my giveaway?! Come on, people! I mean, you’ve got to at least know someone who would like some super-cute earrings! I love my coin earrings from Annette, have only worn them one day but still got lots of complements. And really, it takes two seconds to click the link, visit her Etsy site, pick a random piece of jewelry, and tell me you like it. Right now you’d have a 1 in 5 chance of winning, them’s some good odds! Thank goodness for the Blue Monkey Butt Sisters (by which I of course mean Elle, since Stacy hasn’t joined in the fun yet (let’s see if I can get some sibling rivalry going ;-)) who currently have half my entries.

So yes. Some fun freeness going out the door soon. And it’d be more fun if people entered :-) Pretty please?

Sorry, one more WTH, as in, WHAT THE HELL is wrong with me? Elle was awesome enough to tweet the giveaway..and I noticed that the shortened link I put up in the suggested tweet wasn’t even the link to the actual give-away! Oops! Sent them to the Etsy shop. Guess I should check WHAT THE HELL I put up before hitting publish! :-P

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One response to “WTHW:Giveaway Edition

  1. Again. I really do suck. I never enter giveaways.

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