Friday Fun-I’m baaaack!

Hey, all! Back when I was working full-time I did a TON of memes every Friday! I’ve let that slip since quitting, since I usually work all day Friday at a job w/no computer but let’s try some Friday memes again!

First up, some letters!

Dear Erica,

It has been so, so super awesome having you visiting this week. I hope you had fun, ’cause I know I sure did! I only have one Christmas wish: Please move up here so I can hang out with you regularly! :-D

-your totally not desperate friend


Dear aminals,

I’m sorry, but when Erica leaves you are going to be back to sporadic pets, instead of the constant love-fest she has showered on you. I hope you can adjust without too much whining. That’d be great. Brace yourselves.



Dear readers,

Have I mentioned I have a give-away going? And there are very few entries, so the odds of winning are VERY high? Go for it!

-hopeful blogger


Dear hubby,

Munchkin was the best Christmas present ever! You have already succeeded this Christmas, even if I get no other presents. Now if you and Erica could just both lose at the same time so I could win, that’d be awesome! I was so close last night! Tonight, it’s on.

-your conquering wifey


Dear Parker,

I promise you, I will feed you every day. Twice. There is no need to act like you have never been fed before in your life. Or to cry at me all morning until you are fed. Or to break into any food not locked in a cabinet. I promise, promise, that I will always, always feed you. So shhhhh!


PS I know I’m feeding you enough, because you are gaining weight. The lying isn’t gonna keep working!


OK, moving on! Sadly it seems there is no more Friday Happy Hour (at least that I found) so I’ll move right along to…

My question for y’all: Christmas trees, dead (fake) or alive?

I personally am a fan of the live ones. They smell so good! But, you know, not when I forget to water them and they die a quick, agonizing death of it’s-completely-dried-up-and-will-leave-every-needle-behind-when-we-try-to-move-it-3-feet-to-outside-after-Christmas. Not that that happened. *cough*

And let’s wrap it up with some…

1. Do you regift…and if so, do you have a regifting horror story?
I do not regift…not because I have a problem with it, but because typically my presents are either awesome enough I want to keep them, or crappy enough I just throw them away. I don’t do work secret santas or anything like that which typically results in the re-gifting items.

2. Do you know what you are getting for Christmas this year?
Well, I already got Munchkin, which is AWESOME. Other than that, no idea..but excited! :-D

3. Who brings the most gifts in your family, you or Santa?
Me, definitely. We don’t do Santa. When we have children we probably will, but he will do far less than us. In my family, Santa did stockings, and they were full of exciting gifts like candy and toothbrushes. Kids were allowed to open stockings before the parents came down, and then play quietly with whatever we found until our parents woke up naturally. Brilliant!

4. What store do you love to by jeans from?
Are you kidding me? Who the heck loves to buy jeans?? I have this thing called a butt, which evidently jean makers are unfamiliar with, so buying jeans is like a 4 hour process to end up with one pair that is meh.

5. Christmas meal: Big, All Out Meal or Snacks and Apps?
The hubby and I have started a tradition of making a Connolly sub and munching on it all day. A Connolly sub is basically a giant sub full of deliciousness made on an entire loaf of French bread. Very healthy. *cough* Very delicious.
OK, that’s it! Anyone stopping by, welcome, and feel free to join in the giveaway goodness!


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3 responses to “Friday Fun-I’m baaaack!

  1. LOve the Conolly sub idea! Really enjoyed your letters. Hope your aminals won’t fall into a deep depression from lack of attention now that your friend is gone :)

  2. Fake tree. I am lazy and allergic to real ones. I burn a candle that smells sort of like the real thing.

    I regift whenever I can get away with it.

    I don’t know what I’m getting this year, but I have a feeling it is a Kindle.

    We do a HUGE Christmas Eve spread. Ham, lasagna, a million appetizers and a gazillion treats. And booze. LOTS of booze.

  3. real but we want to get a fake (already lit) one

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