Camera Question

Any amateur or semi-pro photographers out there who know cameras? The hubby and I are looking at getting an upgraded camera, since we both love photos. But we have no clue what we’re doing.

We’re trying to decide between a superzoom camera, basically an upgraded point-and-shoot with amazing zoom capabilities, and a DSLR.

We’re not professional. Neither of us has ever taken a photography class. But we both love photographs and photographing.

Because of our level, we don’t want to spend $1,000 on a medium-quality DSLR camera (that we wouldn’t even really know how to use). So if we go DSLR, it’ll be entry level-ish. What’s most important to us is that it can take good low-light/indoor shots (good ISO), that it has a relatively fast shutter speed, and that it’s relatively intuitive (since we’ve never used DSLR before). We also want it to have a good sensor so the photos look good :-)

At Best Buy the salesman recommended this camera to us, even though it’s Sony:


Sony NEX-3


It’s an SLR but it seems intended more for beginners in the field. Great low-light photos, great, intuitive features like a nice panorama setting and very good burst mode, and the ability to quickly and easily change aperture (how blurry the background is), just generally good quality stuff with a lot of the benefits of DSLR minus the large amount of complexities and giant size.

On the downside, there is no physical viewfinder (which I’m used to, but isn’t standard on SLR), the lens is proprietary and there are only three possible, which means they’re expensive (you can get an adapter, but then there’s no auto-focus on the lenses, which defeats the purpose for my skill level), and evidently the colors aren’t quite as true to life as some other cameras’ settings allow for.

I think I like it. It seems to me that, as one reviewer said, it takes great photos, and while you probably could often get a better photo with a higher-level DSLR  you’d have to put a lot of work in to be able to do so (and I just don’t know how!).

But I have no photography experience outside point-and-shoot mini-cameras.


Thoughts? Opinions? Anyone who knows more about this than me willing to share their experience and point out any pitfalls I may have looked over?

Thanks! And merry ex-mas to all!

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  1. So…I am by no means a semi-pro…or even amateur photographer, but I thought I would try to help you out anyways.
    I’ve done some research, and I’ve also talked to some friends that do make a career out of it. I think you’re best option may be the Canon Rebel XS.

    Most people I’ve talked to swear by either Canon or Nikon, and all of them say the camera itself isn’t the most important part, but it’s the lenses that you get with it. Canon and Nikon are best known for the quality, but I’ve heard a bit more good things from Canon (and I personally like them more).

    I hope some of that rambling helped you out at least a little bit. :)

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