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Time for Random Tuesday Thoughts

My bestest friend Erica is in town. She is awesome. I am trying to convince her to leave California to move to the Puget Sound, so she can shine her awesomeness into my life. The weather is not helping. I promise, Erica, it doesn’t *normally* rain in Seattle! ::innocent eyes::


Erica is also cool because she bought a bunch of jewelry from my friend Annette. Right now she is wearing a super cute pair of earrings that are silver and dangly and have pink and pink and clear and pink dangly glass beads. They are really pretty and look hawt. I keep going to complement her, and then remembering she bought them from my friend :-P


Have I mentioned I’m having a giveaway for another cute pair of earrings from Annette’s Etsy shop? So far there’s only two entries, so your odds are really good! Check it out! (Please? :-)


My sweet hubby gave me an early exmas present, the game Munchkin. I got it early because it’s fun to play with Erica in town, since she’s smart and you need at least 3 players. It is frikkin amazingly fun. Super, super fun. Really. Highly recommended. Much love and thanks to my sweet hubby. Now I just need to win…


I am very sleepy. Very, very sleepy. It may be coming through a wee bit. *cough*


We are going to a Harry Potter exhibit at the Science Museum on Thursday. Should be lots ‘o’ fun! Three engineers in a science museum, look out small children who the museum is actually aimed at!


OK, I think that’s it for now. Maybe I can convince Erica to go take a nap. Or at least let me sneak off to go take a nap :-P It’s a madhouse of crazy fun around here! Laugh a minute!

Don’t forget to enter my giveaway! It only takes a minute and you could win! Woo-hoo!

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Etsy Giveaway!

It’s here! After weeks of talking about it I finally got my friend’s Etsy shop up and running, and there’s even product in it. You know what that means…


That’s right! One lucky reader will win a prize from Designs By ART! Just look at some of the amazing things Annette makes:

Customizeable initial pendants, which can be made into lockets!

Cute, no?

But I don’t want you to think she just makes cutesy things (really well), she also makes some stunning, elegant pieces, like these:

Blue-green silver circles earrings

Lampwork bead bracelet, each of those 6 beads is handmade using sticks of glass and a torch!

Fused glass heart pendant, each fused glass piece is completely one-of-a-kind.

Another of my favorites, I love her beaded earrings!

Gorgeous, and really very affordable. I want to buy oh-so-many of her pieces!…may already have 3 sets of earrings. *cough* (Love them!) And most of the females on my Christmas list will be receiving a pair…

But now, on to what YOU can win!

Aren’t they pretty? And look! They’re on dimes!

And they could be yours!

Here are the deets on how YOU can win the coin earrings!

Entries: (Please leave a separate comment for each entry) UPDATE: new way to enter!

1) Visit DesignsByART, click the little heart to “favorite” it, and come back here telling me your favorite piece

2) Tweet this giveaway. For example: I just entered a #giveaway for some beautiful, hand-crafted #jewelry by DesignsByART on Etsy!

3) Facebook this giveaway.

4) Buy something! You get an entry for every $5 spent (including shipping, which is only five dollars no matter how much you buy!).


-You can enter as many ways as you want, but you can only get one entry each for #1, #2 and #3.

-PLEASE leave a separate comment for each entry. You only get one entry per comment on my end!

-Winner will be randomly chosen on December 16 19, so be quick! (Give-away has been extended, so 1) Erica will be gone and 2) more people have a chance to join in)

-Winner will have 24 hours to send me their shipping address. If I don’t hear from you, another winner will be chosen.

-Sorry, she can only ship to US residents.

That’s it, pretty simple! Play along to get a Christmas present marked off your list…or maybe an extra one for yourself :-)


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What passes for humor around here

Me: I need the balls to go out and do xyz.



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WTHW: Cats > Employees

As I believe I have mentioned about a bajillion times, the store I work with is also a foster for a local cat rescue. Or at least, that’s what we tell people. In reality, the owners of the store are the owners of the cat rescue, and the funds and everything are very fuzzy.

Being an employee at this store has its ups and downs. Ups are that we are very well educated, we can really help people find what they need, and we have learned a lot. In general, we have a fair amount of freedom in setting up the store how we like and such. And the current set of people are cool.

Downs are the owners and they way they have everything set up. It is nuts. We are expected to be extremely knowledgeable and passionate…for (just above) minimum wage. They have no respect for us and are insulting and micro-managing. There are three stores, and while the owners almost never visit ours, there are a number of things our (awesome) manager can’t do without their permission and presence…like hire new employees. This is why it took them over 6 months to hire someone when we really needed another person.

But the biggest downside? We do. Not. Matter.

It’s evident in the owners’ attitude. It’s evident in our salary. There is a heirarchy of importance:

Most important: Cats. Who live in the store and we care for.

Next most important: Store. Merchandise, profit, etc.




Drop down about 20 spots, and now you’re to: the employees.

We so don’t matter. When Labor and Industry came by on a routine random inspection one owner went INSANE and started berating the manager for even talking to the inspector because, “They might take away the cats!!!” Um..L&I doesn’t give a damn about the cats. Like most sane people, they are looking at the safety and health of the HUMANS working there above the freakin’ cats! And if you’re so worried it’s hazardous enough the cats might be taken away, then WHAT THE HELL about your employees???

But the most recent illustration of how we are worth nothing and the cats are everything? Heaters.

The store has no heat. None. It has been very cold out. So the store cat rescue (same people) has bought a bunch of space heaters. To put by the register and keep us warm, right? Nope. For the cats. Each cat room has at least one, and is nice and toasty. We, meanwhile, are wearing hats and scarves and coats since we’re FREEZING. You’d think if they could buy a half-dozen heaters for the cats, they could buy one for the registers.

But no. We just don’t matter enough to warrant heat.

WHAT THE HELL, owners. Come on. At least fake some caring better.

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Wordless Wednesday: Turkey, please!

Toby, Brigid and Sage (in-laws' dogs) waiting for turkey scraps...

May your holiday season be full of joy and hope!

This post is part of Wordless Wednesday with 5 Minutes for Mom


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What the Hell Thursday

It’s time for What the Hell Thursday!

…wait…that doesn’t sound right…

Hmmm, let me check the button

*inspects button*

What..yes…the…uh huh…Hell…so far, so good…Wednesday.

Oh. Wednesdsay.

WHAT THE HELL happened to Wednesday? Dang, time flies!


Guess what? I have some super exciting news!

I? Am actually ENJOYING Christmas! I typically love Christmas. Love it. But last year I was so stressed that it was just one more chore. Or really, a bajillion more chores. Since I have a lot of people to buy presents for.

But this year? I’m loving it! I’ve bought a bunch of presents for my hubby..and I think he’ll like them! Last year I couldn’t come up with anything..I just wanted a list..and that made me sad inside. It’s awesome enjoying the process this year.

(I promise this is getting to a WTH)

A few nights ago the hubby and I met and picked out a Christmas tree. After much deliberation on my part, and much patient holding-of-trees by the hubby, we picked one. The perfect one. We pulled off the little tag. We went and paid for it. And a super-pissy manager came to cut the bottom off the tree for us and refuse to help us load it in our car. She was pissy, so she asked my hubby to get the tree instead of carrying it herself. He reached in and winced. After bringing it to the front he said something in the tree had pricked him. But it hurt like a bi-otch. And as the bitchy manager sawed, his hand swelled and swelled. We started to suspect something had bit him.

I was a little nervous about bringing whatever it was into the house…but at that point, the bitchy manager was DONE with us. So we took the tree. Drove it home.

Tried to get it in the tree stand, which is evidently barely big enough.

I laid on the ground under the tree, messing with the screws. Toby started barking at me. I joked the he was barking at whatever had bitten the hubby as it crawled toward my face. I got up to switch places with the hubby…

and noticed Toby and Parker staring at one spot on the ground right by where I’d been laying, jumping forward and jumping back, nomming at a dark spot.

I looked closer.

It was a freaking hornet!

There was a hornet in our tree! WHAT THE HELL??? How did that happen??

WHAT THE HELL was it doing not dead or hibernating for winter??

Also, OUCHY for the poor hubby.

And thank you to the aminals for pointing out the evil hornet.

And the house smells like Christmas and joy :-D

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Etsy update

The store is created, now we just need to list some items! Stay tuned for a give-away! Nothing like beautiful jewelry to bring a smile out :-) I mean, you know, if a give-away of free stuff doesn’t do it for ya.

Another update tagged on: I got off my be-hind and swept and mopped today. It felt good. Soon the hubby and I are meeting to pick out an ex-mas tree. Good times, first I clean the floors, then I litter them with needles :-P WORTH IT. Do you have a tree yet?

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