Guess what I just did?

That’s right. I got my fat butt off the couch and WENT FOR A RUN.

For the first time since…..high school? I believe it’s been at least 8 years since I went running.


And I went today.

I freaking rock :-D

(OK, so it was just a mile. And it took a little over 15 minutes. But I also did a warm up and cool down! And besides, who cares? I flipping ran!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)


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3 responses to “Guess what I just did?

  1. Wow! That’s so awesome. And for a whole mile too. :D I can barely job for 10 feet much less run for a mile. Go Eileen!!

    • I concur with all that has been said here. Great job Eileen :D

      and Erica…I seem to recall a time that you raced me around your house. That was quite a bit more than 10 ft and at a dead sprint. You did pretty well too :)

  2. WHOO girl!! That ROCKS! You are on your way to TWINKLE TOES!!

    (BTW, New Rule: No denigrating yourself for how not fast you think you are. Celebrate the accomplishment, and then leave it be. Would you let someone else say, “Eileen! You are AWESOME! You ran for the FIRST TIME in EIGHT YEARS today! Too bad you’re so freakin’ slow…” Of course not.. you’d never speak to them again. No one gets up after 8 years and runs a 4 minute mile. What is amazing is that YOU RAN! The end.)


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