Car advice PLEASE.

Soooooooo…I kinda broke my car.

I mean, only a little.

It happened when I drove it into another car. While we were both going at full speed.

You know, normal, everyday stuff.


Everyone’s OK (thank god).

Except the poor cars.

Mine is dead.

Which means I need a new one.

So hey…first time I ever have to buy a new (used) car. I have NO IDEA how to weed things out, what to look for, things like that.

Our requirements:

-Good gas mileage, as it will become the hubby’s commuter when his car dies
-Able to comfortably seat 3 kids for short trips (just 2 rows of seats, but not too cramped) (I have not been holding out on you, I have no hidden children, just planning for the future so we aren’t forced to get rid of it as we have kids)
-Four doors
-Good storage capabilities (for example, I play cello, need to be able to haul it)
-Automatic transmission

If you haven’t noticed, virtually every 4-door car on the marketplace meets these requirements. So now I’m stuck. How do I narrow it down? Ideas? Advice? Thoughts?

I kind of like hatchbacks, but I feel like they have a bad rap. And I’m not sure why. I like how much space they have for hauling/moving things, since we have no truck or van. But I feel like there’s a negative vibe about them that makes me nervous. Anyone know why?

ANY thoughts or advice would be MUCH apreciated.

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  1. that’s a tough situation… i hope it works out for you! maybe check craigslist… or search google maps for “used cars near me” and try to find the best deal that way… good luck!

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