Y’all *may* have heard me talk about my crazy baby fever. And how it won’t go away. But I can’t act on it yet.

So I find other outlets. Like planning for the future.

And how I am going to outfit my baby entirely in ThinkGeek apparel.

First, though, I’ll be pregnant. So I’ll need maternity clothes.

Then, once the baby comes, he’ll need some outfits.

And baby makes 11…

The hubby and I are just the first draft…

I can have my very own science officer!


And then when he’s old enough to eat, look! A gyroscopic bowl! No spills!


Isn’t it all awesome? Unleash the inner nerd!


ThinkGeek did not in any way pay me or provide me with cool stuff for this post. They have no idea I am writing it. Which makes sense, since they have no idea I exist. I would happily write about them again, though, for free stuff *hint hint* But at this point, they are just providing me with stalling therapy for my lack-of-baby-ness.

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