Singing with your hands

Tulpen at Bad Words, who is a fucking awesome momma to her Deaf son, recently put up a few super awesome videos. On of her Deaf son having his first phone conversation with a Deaf friend from school, and one of what I assume is an ASL student interpreting Cee Lo’s Fuck You (a great motivating song for getting out of bed in the morning on shitty days!) Go check her out and check them out!

In return, I felt the need to share some of my favorite ASL videos with her.

First, this masterpiece entitled “First of May.” I love not only how he managed to put it so nicely into ASL, quite difficult for music, but the background singers. (PS This is NSFW if you have speakers)

Second, this great rendition of Ice Ice Baby, which so nicely illustrates the differences between ASL and SEE signing.


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2 responses to “Singing with your hands

  1. That ‘First Of May’ song is the best fucking thing I’ve seen in forever. I’m gonna have to post that on my blog too… too good not to share with everyone!!!

    Now. I’ll watch the second video….

    • I totally thought you would like it. It is so fucking awesome, I just can’t get enough. And real ASL! I feel honored that you’ll pass it on so it reaches more than my 5 readers :D

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