Hormone Crazies

So you may remember that last week I had baby fever. Bad. I practically couldn’t get it out of my head. I’ve had baby fever before. Over that last year or so it’s come and gone in waves. But like contractions, the waves are getting closer together and stronger.

Last week was a whole new level.

I was a women driven.  Obsessed. It was crazy. No matter how much I logic-ed, I could not make a dent. It was practically all I could think about. I was having stress dreams because the desire was so big and I couldn’t act on it yet.

Then I talked with my hubby. And beat it back.

And now? Gone. Totally.

It’s all hormones. Seriously, it is.

They ran their course, I re-regulated, and now I’m a normal person again.

And now that I’m normal? I can think about it logically. And realize I really don’t care that much if we wait a few more months to start trying. It’s not a big deal. Whatever.


Comparing that to the absolutely-driven practically-in-tears staying-up-at-night mess-of-a-person I was before, this is crazy.

It is unbelievable how strong the pull of hormones can be.

Un. Believable.

Turned me into a completely different person.

I’m really hoping baby fever doesn’t come back for a few months until I’m ready to act on it. Because I like having some control of myself :-P


When I have kids?

And they become teenagers?

Must remember what an incredibly strong pull hormones can have over you.

And try not to blame all their crazies on them.

PS I’m giving notice tomorrow. Just wrote my letter of resignation. Totally taking the high-road here, staying very professional. There’s something satisfying in being professional when your boss is throwing a screaming-crying temper-tantrum on the ground in front of you. It’s kind of the best eff-you you can give, to walk away with your dignity and your head held high!



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