What I SHOULD have said, was…

The Situation: I gave notice at work today (WAHOO!). I gave them one week’s notice, they have until my next-week Saturday shift to replace me. I might have given more notice if not for their ridiculous behavior and the mandatory training on customer service happening Tuesday (that there’s no way in hell I’m attending). (Have I mentioned that one of the three big complaints in the customer’s e-mail was that there were things stacked on the counter causing them to have to switch sides to check out? And that the manager had all her crap spread out all over the counter for an hour or so, causing many customers to have to do exactly that in front of her? Yeah. Clearly it’s MY problem.) Anyway, at the end of my shift I asked to speak with her in the back for a moment, and then announced I was resigning and handed her my formal written notice.

The Comment: After a few minutes of reading the letter: “So you’re not giving notice.”

What I Said: I am giving notice. I am just giving one week’s notice instead of two.

What I SHOULD Have Said: No, I am giving one week’s notice, which is WAY more than you deserve. You have treated me like an incompetent moron since you arrived, and the owners have been abusive asses for far longer than that. I’m not sure if your attitude was because the former manager told you I was a very good employee and you wanted to prove her wrong, or just a stick up your own butt, but I have been professional and put up with a ton of your bull. So back the frick up.

You can fire me without cause and without warning. I can quit without cause and without warning. I am being NICE in giving you ANY notice.

Also, aren’t you even going to ask why I’m leaving? I had this nice speech worked out about how I appreciate the opportunities I was given at your store and how, for the most part, working here was enjoyable, but how recently things have become uncomfortable and unprofessional (read: since you arrived, which also meant we got the brunt of the owners’ craziness). I wanted to say how I took this job because it was fun and rewarding, but in the past few months it has become stressful and negative. I was going to tell you that because of this I no longer feel it is an appropriate place for me to work, nor that I can, in good conscience, refer my clients to your store. I also wanted to point out I was dissatisfied long before your and the owner’s completely unacceptable behavior last week, but that that was the last straw, which was why I was quitting so suddenly.

But no, I guess you just want to take this one last opportunity to point out what I’m doing “wrong,” and then nod and walk out of the room. Fine.

The Situation: I’m in physical therapy. I was originally sent for condition x (which I don’t feel like going in to here), which I have been working on for several months and has been improving. My physical therapy was being held up by knee pain, so the physical therapist requested permission from my referring physician to work on my knees in addition to the original diagnosis. As instructed by my physical therapist, I called the morning before my (late afternoon) appointment to confirm that everything had been worked out paperwork-wise with my appointment. I received a call at close that insurance was approved on condition X through March. I called back and left a message saying that this was about knee pain, which my PT added to my diagnosis, and I needed to make sure the paperwork had gone through for that.

All hell broke loose.

I spent all day today running into the back to take phone calls and return phone calls about this knee pain, and how that’s a whole new thing, and listening to the insurance woman basically yelling at me about how this was a new thing so she has to do it all differently and I have to show up early to do a bunch of paperwork. I say fine, I just want to confirm that I can show up at all. Finally, an hour and a half before my appointment (which is a half an hour plus drive away), I get confirmation.

I show up and fill out the paperwork. I go to my PT. We work on the knee pain. She gives me a sheet to schedule 3 more appointments over the next three weeks for knee pain and one for condition x. I go out to do so.

Al hell breaks loose again.

The insurance lady comes forward. She is very grumpy. She is trying to help the guy schedule me. She goes on and on, complaining about this, sighing dramatically as I calmly stand there answering her questions, just wanting my appointments scheduled so my chronic pain can go away. At one point she very loudly announces, “Now you are being seen for knee pain, you are no longer being seen for condition x.” Have I mentioned that condition x is private, and having it shouted across the entire waiting room is maybe NOT OK? I shouldn’t have to.

I clarified, no, I am being seen for both. I have approval for both, and will be having separate appointments, though with the same therapist, for each problem.

The Comment: She sighs exhuberantly, hangs her head, bangs her hand on the table, and says, “No! They should work all the way through one problem, and only THEN start working on the next problem! Doing it this way is such a pain for billing purposes!”

What I Said: Mildly: “Well, unfortunately, the two problems are affecting each other, so we have to work on both at once.”

What I SHOULD Have Said: I’m sorry, is my chronic pain inconvenient for your paper work?

If I had the power I would totally get rid of these problems, which interfere with every day of my life, my relationship with my husband, and a host of minor activities like walking, just for your sake. In the future, I’ll try to take the few extra minutes the paperwork will take you into greater consideration in my decision making, rather than focusing on my selfish concern of dealing with the problems I am in physical therapy for.


I think I showed impressive constraint!

Enough about those downers. Now off on a fabulous hubby date!

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One response to “What I SHOULD have said, was…

  1. Oh hell yes!
    Good for you.

    I think if you get any lip while youre working this week you should smile, grab your keys and say goodbye.


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