I’m sure I’ll appreciate it in another 10 years

My hubby is a sports official, which means I (very occasionally) go to his games. I have had some interesting occurrences there.

I have always looked young for my age. A few years ago a priest at my mom’s church seriously didn’t believe that I was the older sibling, and went to find my mom to insist she tell me not to lie about it.

So going to school games and sitting in the stands I am often assumed to be something I am not.

Back in college I was at one of my hubby’s games at a junior high right down the street from my university. I was sitting in the stands working on some homework, probably statics or dynamics or something. Some friendly people sat down next to me with special needs kids, and we started chatting a bit. After a few minutes this conversation happened:

Nice people: So what are you working on?

Me: Oh, just some engineering homework.

Nice people: Oh, really!? I didn’t know they taught engineering classes in junior high!

Me: …*processing*…No, I go to the university up the road.

Embarassed people: Oh! …Oh! Uh…

Yeah. It was awesome. I think we were both too embarrassed to talk more after that.

I thought I was pretty much past that. I mean, 3 years ago when I started at my engineering firm the doorman didn’t believe I was old enough to be an engineer. But since then I’ve cut my hair short, and it makes me look older. And time has passed.

Or so I thought.

Until I went to my hubby’s high school district game the other night.

And a friendly man sat down next to me during the second half when I was using our expensive, interchangeable lens camera to take video of the game for my hubby to review.

And we chatted a bit.

Nice man: You look familiar, do I know you?

Me: I’m not sure, you do look vaguely familiar…are you a teacher here?

Nice man: No, my kids go here. Do you go here? Maybe you’re one of my daughter’s friends…

Me: Oh…no. I’m married to one of the officials. *Thinking: No, I have two degrees, have worked as a professional engineer, own my own small business, and am married. But it’s like being in high school!*

Nice man: …Oh…OK, that’s cool! So you’re taping the game for them?

He recovered nicely :-)

Maybe in another 10 years I’ll appreciate being mistaken for being 10 years younger than I am. But at this point it just makes me wonder what my clients see when they first meet me, and just how inexperienced and young I appear to them.

Also makes me wonder if, when I have a baby, I’ll be assumed to be an unwed teenage mother while walking around with him/her.

Oh well! Let the good times (and judgements) roll!


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