Another set of (kitty & bball) photos

February 11

We found a fun new way to torture play with the kitty!



Almost got it...




...where'd it go?


February 12

Have I mentioned my hubby is a ref? He had district tournament games this year. I enjoy taking photos of sports. It keeps them from being completely and utterly boring.

Opening of the game. Doesn't the official who threw the ball look like Taub from House?


I just like this one. The framing and aperture is cool. That's my hubby!


During a time-out.


Free throws.


Three points...? I love how every single person is staring up at the ball...except the officials, who are watching the players. What good officials!


Can I just add that these photos are way cooler bigger? The facial expressions and such are great. Like the coach’s face during the time-out. Totally doesn’t come through when shrunk. *sigh*

Enjoy! Maybe some day I’ll get caught up and post the right pictures on the right day…maybe.

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One response to “Another set of (kitty & bball) photos

  1. Kathryn

    I like seeing your pictures. I love the one with your cat when the laser pointer turned off! It reminds me that I need to get a bunch of pictures off my camera and onto my blog…

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