More photos! (Stop it, you’re not sick of them yet)

February 13

I was going to take a bunch of photos of a friends’ jewelry this day…but then we got busy with her teaching me to coupon and us eating a yummy dinner and got tired. So I just have a photo I took of one of her fused glass pieces with my phone.

It totally reminds me of xkcd. I love it.

February 14

I totally suck. I thought I took a photo. Guess I didn’t. *hangs head*

February 15

New photos of pieces for DesignsByART



I love her pieces so much. Now I need to get them on Etsy.

February 16

One  of my favorite students! Hope you don’t mind, awesome student/friend of mine, I just love this picture! Her big ol’ delicate lap dog.

February 17

Whaddya know, I’m posting today’s photo today! Granted, it is another cell phone pic…*sigh* That’s OK, it’s still a photo.

This is what has been staring at me all afternoon.

Cutest. Puppy. Ever.

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One response to “More photos! (Stop it, you’re not sick of them yet)

  1. Kathryn

    Bwa ha ha! I think I spooked that delicate flower of a lap dog by laughing so hard when I saw that picture! (Then she ran outside to get away from the laughter, then came back inside, running as fast as she could, because of, you know, the wolves. Imaginary wolves that chase her when she’s out in the back yard at night. I wonder if that’s what she was chasing out from under the bush by class last week…?) I like your other pictures, too, but that one made me laugh!

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