I met with my new doc today.

And she was fabulous.

She’s a regular family practice doc, but at a birth and family clinic.

And she knew her shit.

She spent over 45 minutes talking with me, going into details answering my questions.

I never felt rushed. In fact, I eventually rushed her, because I had to get to work.

And her assistant was amazing, too. Nice and just talkative enough, and got excited for me when I said I wanted to get pregnant in the relatively near future.

The best part?

The new doc told me to not worry about the longer waiting period.

Go with the shorter one.

Don’t worry.

That waiting the shorter time is being safe.

She even explained how the vaccine works and what the concern is.

And this is with her being over-conservitive with regard to other issues.

Things like telling me to go off the pill at least one month before I decide to start trying, so my uterus has time to stabilize (even though that will be extra time of debilitating pain). She said there was probably no risk to getting pregnant right away…but what if I had a miscarriage in early pregnancy? I’d always wonder if I could have prevented it by stopping sooner.

See that? See how she said there was something I was planning to do that would probably be harmless, but there was a small chance it could go wrong and if I didn’t avoid it I’d always wonder?

Then see how she didn’t categorize waiting the extra time after the vaccine as the same thing?


And that wasn’t the only way she was overly conservative.

Which I totally appreciate, by the way.

She basically had the attitude of, if you can do something to prevent possible problems in pregnancy, do it.

But she flat-out told me to not worry about waiting the extra time.

Not even any CYA about how she couldn’t say for sure, and it would probably be fine, but it was up to me. Really, just said not to worry, and explained why.

So. Appreciated.

So here I am, three vaccinations later.

And I feel like a massive load has been taken off my shoulders.

It is 7:22. And I want to go to bed.

I’m not stressing obsessively anymore, keeping myself awake.

The exhaustion from sleep deprivation has hit.

I think I’ll sleep well tonight.


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3 responses to “Reassured

  1. Erica

    I’m so glad that you finally got to meet with someone who could actually answer your questions. It’s stressful enough to be left in the dark with medical decisions not to mention in regards to something this important.

    I’m happy for you, sweetie. Sleep well and keep me updated.

  2. It is so important to have confidence in your doctor. It sounds like she is very thorough so you should have a great relationship.

  3. Kathryn

    So happy for you that you found someone who you could work with and who you could trust! That, my friend, is excellent news. The being able to sleep after having such a good appointment outcome is also excellent.

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