Mind, SHHH!

Baby fever is back in full force.

After my scare earlier this week that my wait may have doubled, I’m all squared away and still on track for beginning to try for baby relatively soon. (I say “my” and “I” because this is definitely more my thing (though of course hubby is on board)…I’m the one going CRAZY with hormones).

And recovering from that scare? Learning things were still on track?

Pulled my low-grade baby-fever which had been lingering for a week into a much more serious fever that is making me slightly delirious.

It is almost all I can think about. I cannot get my brain to shut up. Every. Single. Topic of conversation can easily be turned in my head to “baby!”

It’s nuts.

And I know that.

But I still can’t keep from scaring my hubby a little with the intensity.


My only hope is that this spike in the fever means that it will break soon.

Oh, and whoever coined the name “baby fever”?

Freaking genius.

Perfect metaphor.

Break, baby fever, and hold off. It’s not too much longer until you can make me start crying at “failed” pregnancy tests hopefully become reality!

PS Sorry for all the non-existant-baby talk going on here. It really is all I’ve been able to think about for any length of time. Hopefully soon I can get back to my regularly scheduled programing!

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