To the one who puts up with my crazy…

Dear, sweet hubby-

I remember in pre-marital counseling when the therapist asked me what I loved most about you. And I said something to the effect of, “He puts up with my crazy.”

She chastised me, and told me we would look back on this moment and want to remember me saying something nice.

But that was nice. We both thought so.

I am not an easy person to live with. My own alphabet soup helps make that true. I have had lots of kinds of crazy over the years. (Most recent being the hormonally-driven baby crazies.)

And through it all, you have stuck by me, loved me, supported me, given me a safe place to relax, to fall apart if I need, to just be me. I have never been able to let walls fall with anyone like I can with you.

I love your strong arms.

I love your kind eyes.

I love your earnestness.

I love your passion.

I love your honesty.

I love your quiet strength.

I love your desire to do good, be good.

I love your joy.

I love your patience.

I love your brain. (What can I say? Nerds are sexy!)

And I love, and am so grateful for, your acceptance, love, and support.

Thanks for choosing me, sweet hubby of mine.

Happy birthday to you, and may you live to four times this age!


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2 responses to “To the one who puts up with my crazy…

  1. Sweetness.

    To have someone love you and accept you, exactly as you are, is a rare and wonderful gift.

    I hope he has a lovely bday.

  2. This was so sweet.

    Every year, I have it in my head that Hubs and I should sit down and write out what we love about each other. And every year I chicken out, that all he’s gonna write down is my cooter.

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