I’m not sure what’s up with me and one-word post titles recently, but it’s what’s coming. So I’m rolling with it.

Oh, you wanted to know why?

I’ve been contemplating how I can work on my signing and how I can do something that makes me feel productive and fulfilled during my days.

My solution? Volunteering in a Deaf/Hard of Hearing classroom locally. I used to do this a lot and I LOVED it.

(Granted, where I used to do it my mom was an employee and I was a better signer than most of their paid interpreters, so I was given a lot of responsibility and lee-way which did make it more fun, but still)

Finally got up the guts to write a local program.

Within hours got a response back. One of the teachers would love an extra pair of hands and is willing to take a random crazy person off the street.

Really quite excited.

Hope it works out as well as it could. We’ll see! But this could be really fun and fulfilling :-D


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2 responses to “Excited

  1. Kathryn

    That’s pretty exciting! I wish I knew how to sign. I signed with my kids when they were babies, and that was really great, but they seemed to lose interest in signing when they were able to talk and be understood. I hope it works out really well for you!

  2. Yay you!!!

    Was at ASL class last night with Owen and learned something that I didn’t know, and now I’m kind of embarassed:

    Signing to music is a no-no. Taboo. Offensive even to many in the Deaf Community.

    But. I wondered to myself, if this is a sentiment that will go away with this generation. Owen LOVED when I showed him Stephen Torrence signing that Miley Cyrus song! He can hear enough of the music to know that he likes it, but doesn’t have a prayer at understanding the lyrics, and I thought seeing the song SIGNED would fill that gap.

    Anyway. I have some online research to do on this, and to ask around the Deaf people I know, but I thought it was very interesting.

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