Sleep Irony

I have been suffering some pretty bad and constant insomnia, paired with lousy sleep. (I know, you’re totally jealous) My average time to fall asleep has thus been around 1AM, much to my frustration.

Tonight I was exhausted. My hubby sent me to bed at 7 because I was falling asleep, and I went gratefully, figuring I could read and get some extra sleep, maybe even pulling my average sleep time back to normal. I fell asleep at 7:30.

Of course, this being so much earlier than I normally fall asleep, my body decided it was just a nap.

And despite me fighting to remain unconscious, woke me up fully at 10:30.

So now it’s 11 and I just took a three hour “nap.”

I’m never going back to sleep.

Totally. Screwed.

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One response to “Sleep Irony

  1. Kathryn

    I’m sorry Sleep is being fickle for you. Sleep is often rude to me, too. I usually can’t take naps if I want to Sleep at night. Unless I’m really sick. And then it’s still dicey. Also, my kids and Sleep had an agreement to keep me awake as much as possible for years. It. was. not. fun. And is why I now capitalize the S in Sleep. In case Sleep feels it needs more respect in order to be more polite with me.

    I hope that Sleep starts behaving itself with you and that you have no more troubles with it.

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