One thing my house lacks

In high school and college I loved the bath tub. Soaking in warm water, letting my whole body relax, while devouring a good book or watching some Star Trek on the laptop? Priceless.

Of course, there was no bathtub in the college housing, so I would bask in them on breaks while at my mom’s house.

I love me a good bath. It is my favorite (close to only) way to relax. It is the only thing I have really found to provide reliable relief with killer menstrual cramps. In a bath I can let go of my worries and just float.

So when my hubby and I were looking for a house, one requirement was a bath tub.

Now, it was our first time buying a house. So I made sure our house had a tub. It does!

What I didn’t know enough to find out was that it is literally the smallest tub made.

It holds 7″ of water. Max.

Great for bathing small children.

Not great for adults to relax in.

Plus behind the overflow cap there is a lot of grossness we can’t access, since that thing is cemented in.

Shivering soak in gross water? Not the relaxing escape I dreamed of.

So yeah.

I miss having bath tub!!!!!!!

This alone makes me want to move sooner than I probably would otherwise.

I miss baths. Sooo much.

Right now I just want to go soak and relax before taking my shower.  *sigh*

This will be my number-one requirement in our next house!

Do you have any petty things that you miss more than you probably should?

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One response to “One thing my house lacks

  1. I so miss a good soak.

    Not an option here in This Old House.

    I’ve taken weekend trips planned around the bathroom at the hotel.

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